NEW YORK (WFAN) — Sixteen teams are left standing in the NCAA Tournament.

WFAN’s Mike Francesa opened his show Monday talking about this weekend’s tournament action.

“When the smoke cleared, what you’re left with is 10 of the top seeds, including three 1’s, a dominant performance by the ACC,” he said. ” … A lot of the favorites are here. You lost Xavier and you lost West Virginia, but except for Michigan State, the heavyweights are pretty much here.”

Francesa also discussed DraftKings’ and FanDuel’s decision to cease operations in New York state as they push for legislation that would definitively legalize daily fantasy sports games in the state.

“Unless the lawmakers up there are either lost or they’re getting handsomely taken care of, there’s no way anybody could ever look at those games and not think they were gambling,” Francesa said. ” … Whether they’re legal or not is not the issue. You want to make them legal? Fine. But understand that they should be governed the same way parimutuel wagering is governed in the state of New York.”

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