TEANECK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Butterflake bakery in Teaneck is selling thousands of trays of hamentashen this week.

The filling can be anything from raspberry to chocolate or traditional prune. Then it’s folded into a triangle or three corner pastry. It’s been an essential part of Purim for thousands of years.

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As CBS2’s Emily Smith explained, Purim symbolizes overcoming a decree from an ancient Persian leader named Haman to kill anyone of Jewish heritage.

“And Haman was killed and the Jews were saved, and a pastry called the hamentash symbolizes the hat, the triangle hat Haman wore, and it’s been tradition,” Richard Heisler, Butterflake Bakery said.

“Think about the fact that the Jews could have been wiped out, and they weren’t, but that’s when you get to the fun part,” Judi Resnick said.

The most traditional hamentashen are huge and sell for about $2.25 each.

Butterflake has more than twelve flavors including one with raspberry on the inside and pink and white frosting on the outside.

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There are also different pronunciations.

“Generally I say hamentashen plural, or one hamentash,” J.J. Becker said.

“Hoomintash. Everyone says it differently,” another person offered.

The bakery has been around for 80 years, and while they always sell a tray a week, during Purim they expect to sell about 4,000 trays in four days.

Other Purim traditions include children dressing up in costumes and giving to the poor.

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