NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Traffic-related fines and fees were a big money-maker for the city over the 2015 fiscal year, helping bring in a record $1.9 billion for the city, according to a new report released Thursday.

Parking violations took up the largest share of the total, bringing in $565 million, or 59 percent, of the $957 million in fines collected by the city in the 2015 fiscal year.

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Fines for red-light camera violations and “quality of life” violations also took a jump, partially due to more aggressive enforcement in these sectors through various programs, like the newly-implemented Vision Zero initiative and increase placement of red-light and speed zone cameras throughout the city.

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According to the report, camera revenues saw a 40 percent jump, with bus lane violations spiking 117 percent over the fiscal year 2015.

Of the $974 million in fees collected by the city, CUNY-related expenses and parking meters made up the bulk of the revenue, netting $381 million and $211 million, respectively.

Traffic-related fines and fees also surpassed totals from other city government institutions: according to the report, the city collected $398 million in Utility taxes, $787 million in Commercial Rent taxes, $560 million in Hotel taxes and $50 million in cigarette taxes.

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The new numbers reflect a 13.3 percent jump since fiscal year 2012.