NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — For anyone who has ever tried or considered doing a juice cleanse, it can mean juices that are high in sugar, smoothies that may be less than appetizing, and avoiding solid food.

Now, as CBS2’s Kristine Johnson reported, there’s a new cleanse that promises more balance, better flavors, and a satisfied feeling.

It all surrounds soup, and the cleanse is sweeping the city.

“I just started feeling the energy, feeling my moods get better as I eat the soups each day,” Adora Aiza said.

Eating soup every day, sometimes all day, is the latest trend in cleanses. Aiza said she opted for soup when she decided to up the healthy quotient in her diet.

“Something that was going to cleanse my body and make me feel good,” she said.

Once a week soup is eaten for all meals and snacks. After that it’s swapped for one meal a day. Aiza said it’s helped with some health and diet concerns.

“I crave the soups now, which is really interesting. I didn’t know that I liked kale and mushrooms,” she said.

Mary Ann Jones signed up for a weekly delivery of soups.

“The soups are so satisfying that I eat less and they fill you up,” she said.

Jones said she’s lost weight, and it’s helped keep her on a healthy diet as she trains for a half marathon.

Nicole Chaszar found that a weekly cleanse and daily souping solved so many health and diet issues that she started her own soup company.

“It became very clear to me that not only was there a place missing in the market for healthier soups, but there was a place missing in the market for a program or a concept that was really accessible and really simple,” Chaszar said.

New York based Splendid Spoon, like other delivery services, has options that offer a variety of soups for cleanses as well as meal and snack options.

Nutrition expert Amie Valpone said a soup diet or cleanse may not fit the bill for everyone.

“I don’t feel like I’ve eaten. We all want to chew. You want those enzymes coming in and working and your brains like ‘wow, I’m eating food,” Valpone said.

There are nutritious options as long as it’s coupled with a healthy diet.

“With a soup you’re getting more fiber and nutrients but really the main focus is you want to make sure you’re getting a full spectrum of nutrients,” Valpone explained.

Soups are ordered online, and include enough for a full day cleanse, as well meals for the rest of the week. It costs about $95.


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