NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Conditions at a parking garage at LaGuardia Airport have been causing headaches for drivers.

As CBS2’s Ilana Gold reported, people getting back from trips are finding damage to their cars.

You simply cannot miss the mess on level four of the parking garage at LaGuardia. Various parking spots have been coned off where a waxy substance hanging from the ceiling is dripping down.

But not all the danger spots are blocked off. It didn’t take CBS2 long to find the unknown liquid hitting the hood of a car, leaving behind a chalky film that does not wash off.

And people who have used the garage said it is not an isolated incident.

“I saw my car and it looked like it was covered in paint — the whole front hood, sides of the car, and the windshield,” said Rebecca Seger. “I tried to brush it off. It wouldn’t come off the car.”

Seger took pictures of her brand new Jeep covered in white spots after she parked it last month. She had just returned from a trip where her plane got struck by lightning and had to make an emergency landing.

“I said, ‘This cannot be happening to me tonight,’” she said.

The next day, Seger reported the damage to the garage management company, ABM Parking.

That company sent her an email saying, “You will need to have your vehicle professionally detailed for the removal of calcium lime.” The company said further that calcium lime is a “known issue at LaGuardia Airport.”

Seger was also advised to file a claim with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, because it is responsible as the owner of the garage.

Now, Seger has to submit paperwork to get reimbursed for repairs that cost $150.

“I was annoyed by that, because it’s going to happen to somebody else,” Seger said.

CBS2 wanted to know how many people have been affected by the problem, and how long the problem has been here

CBS2 also tried asking the Port Authority what is causing the calcium lime deposits and what is being done to fix it.

A representative did not answer the questions, but confirmed that the garage will soon be demolished for an airport renovation project.

As for Seger, she said she will not be parking on level four again, and will be looking up next time she parks anywhere in the garage.


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