LOS ANGELES (CBSNewYork) — When a TMZ cameraman caught up to Johnny Manziel on Saturday night outside a West Hollywood, California, nightclub the out-of-work quarterback revealed he was living with Broncos linebacker and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.

On the surface, it seemed as though Miller had taken the troubled Manziel under his wing in an effort to help him get his life and his career back on track.

“We’re getting our life together,” Manziel told TMZ.

However, according to ESPN, that’s not true at all. Instead, according to sources, Manziel has been living in a Sunset Boulevard apartment with former Cleveland Browns teammate Josh Gordon, who is anything but a good influence.

Gordon was suspended for all of the 2015 season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. It was his third drug-related suspension.

Last year, Manziel spent 10 weeks at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak has reportedly spoken to Manziel about possibly signing with Denver. Miller, who, like Manziel, played at Texas A&M, said last week he wants the team to sign the free agent QB.

“If I had to make my decision on it, he would already be on the Broncos,” Miller told reporters. “But we’ve got guys in the front office that make those decisions, and they put us in championships with those decisions.”

In the TMZ interview, Manziel said he, too, would prefer to land with the defending world champion Broncos.

“Anywhere I get picked up, bro, is a blessing,” he said after briefly commandeering the camera. “Whatever happens … I love ball. I want to play. That’s the team I want to go to.”

When asked if the Broncos might be concerned about his partying, Manziel said: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with partying. There’s a difference between partying and being out of control.

“Man, you see me here how many nights in a row — five, six?” he added. ” … I’m cool. I’m not drunk. We’re just hanging out, enjoying great food.”

No team is likely to sign Manziel until after the NFL completes its investigation into a domestic violence case in which Manziel is accused of threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend and hitting her so hard that she lost hearing in one ear.