NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – We’ve seen all sorts of bad behavior on the subway before. From extreme cases like slashings and sexual assaults, to manspreading, to spaghetti fights, all the way to people licking their shoes, it all seems to happen in the subway.

Now we learn what happens when someone decided it would be a good idea to light up a cigarette.

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In a video uploaded to YouTube on Apr. 12, a man wearing a New Orleans Saints hat could  be seen smoking a cigarette while leaning on a pole in the middle of the subway car. The video was removed by the user on April. 14.

It doesn’t take long before he’s confronted by another man who asks him to “Put out the cigarette, please.”

“Wha?” says the smoker.

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The other man says he has asthma, and points out that the signs say “No Smoking.”

The smoker tells him “So go in the other f***ing car,” adding that the subway car smells foul, and he prefers the scent of his cigarette. He urges his fellow rider to “call the cops.”

Another good Samaritan then confronts him, and ultimately plucks the cigarette out of his hand and puts it out, which gets applause from the others in the car.

The smoker then accuses the man who put out the cigarette of disrespecting him and challenges him to fight.

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Smoking on the subway is against the law and is technically considered disorderly conduct, according to the MTA’s website.