NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — With things warming up flowers are on a lot of minds after weeks of cold weather.

If you’re getting the itch to garden it’s important to know what’s safe to plant this early, and what’s not.

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Bulbs are starting to fade out and it’s time for summer stunners.

“The weathers getting nice and I feel like I want to get the most out of it,” Reinier Van Der Lely told CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock.

The urban garden center in East Harlem is looking forward to an exciting weekend.

“It’s like Valentine’s Day for gardeners,” owner, Dimitri Gatanas said.

Gatanas said they will be busy as everyone transitions from cold, hearty flowers, to summer flowers.

He said it will be safe to start planting some vibrant varieties, especially on Sunday.

“Even if you started planting Saturday, you’d be fine. I think that real fear of frost is over now,” he said.

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Petunias, pansies, dianthus, and geraniums were available at Vecchios Greenhouses in Closter, NJ. As for veggies, plenty of leafy greens including kale, cabbage, and lettuce were also ready. Hearty herbs are good to go too; rosemary, lavender, oregano, and mint are fine, but basil is too delicate.

“I would start that for sure. It’s not a problem. Things like tomatoes, I’d keep them in the windowsill a little longer,” an employeer explained.

It was disappointing news to the McBrides, they stopped in hoping for tomato plants.

“I make a mean marinara sauce,” Jassiel said.

They’re not quite ready to leave the greenhouse yet, when they do put them outside closer to Mother’s Day especially if you live in the suburbs where the average last frost may still be a couple of weeks away. In the city they can go out in about a week.

When plants are buried they should be submerged deep in the soil where roots will grow along the buried stem, making the plant stronger.

Plant experts said it is too early to put any tropical plants outside.


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