NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The sound of an ice cream truck is usually music to people’s ears, but one truck in Tribeca is making ears bleed.

CBS2’s Ilana Gold said residents on Greenwich Avenue and Harrison Street are complaining about the ice cream truck’s loud music that can be heard dozens of stories up.

“I’m on the top floor in the building, it felt like it was right outside,” one resident said.

Neighbors said the familiar ice cream truck theme blasted most of Saturday and Sunday nights until 11 p.m., as some heard the music from 32 stories up with their windows shut.

“I thought I was losing my mind,” resident Tami Leitzsey said.

Families claim this was going on for a half-hour at a time, and that’s a violation of the city’s code because ice cream trucks are not allowed to play music while parked.

“It’s probably going to wake up kids in the neighborhood and you have to put them back to sleep because they hear it so loudly,” one resident said.

The city said residents should call 311 when they hear the loud music, or report it to, where there’s a section called “noise from an ice cream truck.”

Inspectors can be dispatched and possibly issue a ticket.

So far this year there have been 279 complaints made across the city, while last year there were 1,760 totals.

The city said the penalty for a first offense is up to $1,000.


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