HARRISON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A teenager in Harrison got a learner’s permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles that said he was 116 years old.

CBS2’s Lou Young reported Dillon Brown, a student at Harrison High School, originally had to go to the DMV in White Plains to fix a birthday glitch.

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“First, his birthday was wrong. They said Jan. 1 and he was born Jan. 10,” Kyle Brown, Dillon’s mom, said.

It took three trips to the office in White Plains to fix that one, but when they finally got the day right, the DMV somehow got the century wrong. The fresh-faced sophomore’s permit said he was born in 1900 – 116 years ago.

“The thought it’d be really funny to buy lottery tickets and maybe vote this year and throw the whole election off,” Brown said. “His dad thought he could apply for Social Security because he’s 116 years old.”

Even though Dillion got a laugh out of the wrong date, it’s becoming an inconvenience.

“It’s kind of crazy because with all the issues I can’t drive, it’s like a lot of hassle,” Dillon said. “I’ve already been to the DMV three times.”

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Dillon isn’t the only one with a wrong birthday on his learner’s permit, as the DMV made Vikram Doninak seven months older than he is.

“My date of birth says April 4, but my birthday is Nov. 4,” the sophomore at Harrison High School said.

A spokesman for the DMV said corrected documents will be issued and that mistakes like this are taken “very seriously.”

“We’re just scratching our heads because we don’t know how many trips this is going to take,” Brown said.

This year’s 16-year-olds are the first group of student drivers to be born in the 21st century.

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The DMV said this is the first case like this they’ve seen.