NEW YORK (WFAN) — Do the Yankees have a tendency to acquire players from bad teams who might not be the smartest athletes? That was a question WFAN’s Mike Francesa posed to Yankees beat reporter Sweeny Murti on Monday.

The question came in response to Starlin Castro getting picked off at third base in Sunday’s loss to the Red Sox. Francesa noted that Castro came from a Cubs team that didn’t win up until last year, Aaron Hicks came from Minnesota, Didi Gregorius came from Arizona, and Chase Headley came from San Diego.

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“I hadn’t put it together as a common denominator, but I guess when you look at a guy like Castro especially and you know the kind of talent he has and the kind of seasons he put up early, there’s always part of the thing where you go, ‘OK, why do they want to get rid of him?'” Murti said.

Francesa and Murti also discussed Brett Gardner’s base running, Mark Teixeira’s slump, this week’s series against the defending champion Royals and more.

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