In this installment of “22 Minutes,” 1010 WINS anchor Brigitte Quinn sits down with board-certified emergency medicine physician and host of television’s “The Doctors,” Dr. Travis Stork.

The Emmy-nominated host talked about the show’s unique premise, the latest health headlines, and more.

BQ: Should we stress about Zika, how big of a health threat is this going to be going forward?

TS: When someone catches a virus, I always hesitate to say someone “has the disease” because most people think of a disease as something that’s incurable. The blessing and the curse with Zika is that for most people who get the virus, it’s just not a big deal. The curse is if you’re pregnant. Most people who get the virus don’t even know they have it. It may be like the flu. People need to understand there are a plethora of other viruses out there that cause the same symptoms. The concern is if you get it if you’re pregnant and birth defects. We know there is this likely cause and effect and that’s a very scary thing… but everyone who has got it in the U.S. got it from traveling somewhere else.

BQ: Another story we’ve been talking about is antibiotics and the over-prescription. What’s the harm?

TS: The majority of antibiotics prescribed in this country are unnecessary and most people think, “Well, what’s the harm?” We have all of this healthy, helpful bacteria that live in us and on us and we need these bacteria to survive. They keep inflammation down, work to keep your weight down, and health at an optimal level. Every time we take a course of antibiotics, we not only destroy the potentially bad bacteria, we destroy the good bacteria too. They are life-saving when you need them, I still prescribe them. The reason it’s such a big issue is that most of these prescriptions are unnecessary.

BQ: Let’s talk about weight loss and weight management, there was a crazy story on all the contestants on a show losing massive amounts of weight and then gaining it back?

TS: If you gain the weight back, your metabolism never resets. I want to emphasize that this is not a reason not to lose weight. If you have a massive amount of rapid weight loss your metabolism is going to slow down, just by nature. That is just a reality. In many ways, your metabolism is set by how big you are. If you gain it back and go back to that original weight you were at your resting metabolism was lower than it was. The key is: we need more research on this. No one really knows what the ideal way to lose weight is. There are so many things at play.

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About Dr. Travis Stork:

Dr. Travis Stork is an Emmy-nominated host of the award-winning talk show, The Doctors, and a board-certified emergency medicine physician. Dr. Stork is on the Medical Advisory Board for Men’s Health magazine and is The New York Times best-selling author of The Doctor’s Diet, in addition to The Lean Belly Prescription and The Doctor Is In: A 7-Step Prescription for Optimal Wellness.

About Brigitte Quinn: 

Brigitte anchors mornings at 1010 WINS radio and has worked in broadcasting for more than thirty years.  She was a TV anchor at the Fox News Channel, MSNBC and NBC. She holds an MFA in writing from Sarah Lawrence College and a BS from Cornell University. Her first novel, “Anchored” was published in 2015.

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