NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A new CBS News/New York Times poll reveals that Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has dwindled in a general election match-up.

The Democratic front-runner has a six-point lead over the presumptive Republican nominee – 47 to 41 percent. However, that is down from 10 points one month ago.

The poll shows Sen. Bernie Sanders would easily dispatch with Trump in the general election, 51 to 38 percent.


The poll found that many voters are not content with just Clinton and Trump as 52 percent of registered voters want more choices. Forty-six percent said they were satisfied with the match-up.

Trump holds a 12-point advantage over Clinton among white voters and a five-point lead over her among men. Trump is crushing Clinton in the white male vote by 22 points – 54 to 32 percent.

Clinton, though, holds an overwhelming lead among registered African-American voters, 89 to 5 percent.

Independents are split at 40 percent between Trump and Clinton, but 50 percent would vote for Sanders and 34 percent would back Trump if the election was between them.

The latest CBS News delegate tally shows Clinton with 2,293 of the 2,383 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination. Trump has 1,160 of the 1,237 needed for the GOP nomination.


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