NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Residents of Ridgewood, Queens said they are under siege because of feral cats.

People who live on 68th Road in Queens said they cannot even use their backyards because of the mess and smell.

They claimed a neighbor is providing a haven for nearly 20 cats, leaving his back door open so they can go in and out.

Residents said they have reached out to city agencies, but none has responded with a solution.

“It smells like a big, giant, dirty litterbox,” said Jan Hayward. “They’re spraying on your windows. They’re spraying on your yard; all over your furniture.

“ASPCA comes. They take a few, you know,” said Sal Milito. “But by the time they come back, he’s got another 10, 20.”

Residents said the cats appear sickly.

The neighbor at whom residents pointed the finger would not comment.