NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Who would shoot and kill a family of geese? It happened in Newburgh and shocked the quiet community.

As CBS2’s Esha Ray reported, a family of geese was allegedly killed by humans on Saturday night, and witnesses said they’re shocked by the senseless violence.

“It was like bang, bang, bang, bang,” Tim Howard said.

The sound ripped through the night on Saturday, just before dusk.

A series of gunshots were fired off at Crystal Lake and when the smoke had cleared a family of geese was dead.

“Oh, it made me very upset. I began to cry,” one woman said.

The woman said she and her husband called police as soon as they saw what happened.

She and many others said the geese were well like in the community, and to see them dead was too gruesome for words.

“Why would anyone kill them? They’re not bothering anybody,” Howard said.

Witnesses said they saw several young men being arrested the same night the geese were killed. CBS2 repeatedly asked Newburgh police about that, but they would not confirm it.

Neighbors said the same thing happened a few years ago with a family of swans.

With the geese dead, neighbors are demanding that authorities stop the violence against the birds.

Neighbors claim it was a family of ten geese that were killed, but police would not confirm.



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