NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A car sped down the sidewalk while people screamed and dozens of men chased the driver as an unbelievable scene played out in Brooklyn.

As CBS2’s Valerie Castro reported, witnesses said it all started with some fake cash.

The bizarre crime spree involved the people inside of a black sedan, and unfolded on Lee Avenue in Williamsburg on Thursday.

Witnesses said the chaos started when the men inside tried to run away after using counterfeit money at several businesses.

Video shows the car driving backward as people are heard yelling and screaming.

Witnesses said the driver went around the block on the sidewalk after people jumped out of the way.

One woman described the shock she felt as the car barreled down the busy sidewalk.

“I blacked out, I blacked out, I blacked out,” she said.

She said before the commotion one of the men came in and asked for change for a $20.

“The guy came into the store and he asked me ‘are you the boss?’ and nobody was here and I said no, and I got up. I got scared that something was going on,” the woman said. “(He said), ‘I would like to change $20.’ (I said), ‘Sorry, I don’t have.’ (He said), ‘Open the register!’ and I ran out and I screamed.”

When other businesses realized what was going on they tried to chase after the men. The out of control driver eventually hit a pedestrian — a small child.

“Yes, yes right on the corner,” Eduarto Flores said.

Flores said the men tried to use fake money at a number of stores.

“Fake money yes,” he said, “I hear like five stores.”

The pharmacy worker said the child was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. He said even his manager was hurt trying to stop the criminals.

“He really wanted to get to them, and he was bleeding on his hand. Went to get the door and he was bleeding like crazy,” he said.

The car later crashed nearby and witnesses said cops caught up with at least one suspect. Police say a 9-year-old boy was hospitalized with injuries to his leg. He is expected to be okay.


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