NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– Failing to picking up after your dog is a pet peeve among many New Yorkers. After catching one owner red-handed, neighbors in Greenpoint are going public with their frustration.

It’s hard to miss if you’re walking down Commercial Street. There on the walls of old Harte & Co. building is a set of photos that appear to show a young man in a striped blue tank top watching and doing nothing as one of his dogs does its business on the sidewalk, CBS2’s Esha Ray reported.

The caption reads angrily, “Is this you? Please pick up after your dog.” It’s signed by an anonymous neighbor and some said it’s an unorthodox punishment for the crime, but they’re not surprised.

“I mean I used to have a dog, it’s pretty annoying when people don’t clean up after their dog. It’s kind of disrespectful for the neighborhood I think a little bit,” Greenpoint resident Donnie said.

CBS2 tried to track down the person behind the posters, but couldn’t find the photographer. According to New York state law, dog owners can face up to a $250 fine for not picking up their pet. However, some aren’t so sure they would have gone as far as to public shame a person.

“I don’t think it should be policed by the population, I think it should be a normal enforcement type thing,” another resident said.

It’s something to keep in mind next time you’re walking your dog. If you don’t want to end up like the guy on the poster, just pick up after your pet.



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