MADISON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A New Jersey animal shelter is looking for potential adopters after 276 dogs were rescued from a home in Howell Township last week.

St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center took in 141 of the 276 dogs rescued from the home on Bennett Road on June 3. This weekend, 42 dogs will be up for adoption at the center’s Madison and Long Branch facilities.

“We’re excited. We’re so excited. We can’t wait to bring this dog in,” soon-to-be-owner Alaina Casha told CBS2’s Esha Ray.

The remaining dogs were transferred to other partnering facilities or still remain in foster care. St. Hubert’s said they are working to put more dogs up for adoption when they are ready and in good health.

A website has also been set up to raise funding for care of the dogs.

Less than a week ago, this wouldn’t have seemed possible when police and animal rescuers found what SPCA is calling the worst case of animal hoarding in New Jersey state history.

On Wednesday, authorities were alerted to four more animals, two adults and two puppies, found just as dirty and scared.

Chief Ross Licitra said he doesn’t want to see the husband and wife responsible put behind bars, but they do face hundreds of counts of animal cruelty charges that will be released next week.

The Monmouth County SPCA also has a portion of the rescued dogs in their care and is working to prepare the dogs for adoption. According to Licitra, 20 to 25 dogs were pregnant at the time of the rescue, which could mean up to 100 more dogs that would need care depending on the size of the litters.

Both St. Hubert’s and the SPCA have asked the public for donations to help care for the animals.

Charlene Hutchins and her husband, the owner of the dogs, potentially face a long list of animal cruelty charges, including 276 counts of failure to provide “necessary care,” which can be multiplied in accordance to how the charges are broken down into individual offences, according to Licitra.

CBS2 tried to talk to the couple at their home, but there was no answer.

Officials are expected to meet on Monday to vet the charges against the couple.


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