POINT PLEASANT, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — There’s danger in the water off the coast of New Jersey.

As fisherman discovered a jelly fish never before seen in local waters.

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CBS2’s Meg Baker spoke with the men – who are no strangers to the sting of a jelly fish – in the Pt. Pleasant Canal.

“I got stung one time. It wasn’t very nice,” Ed said.

Now, water lovers on the Jersey Shore are facing a new potential danger, a type of jelly fish called the clinging jelly fish.

It’s normally only found in the Pacific Ocean, and scientists are mystified as to how it got here.

“This species is extremely small, it does in fact have very potent venom,” Dr. Paul Bologna, Marine Biologist, Montclair State University said.

Dr. Bologna heads the Marine Biology Program at Montclair State University. He said the clinging jelly fish has been spotted in Massachusetts near Cape Cod, but never before in New Jersey, until this week.

“It was the fishermen that was fishing at night shined a flash light down into the water and saw something he had never seen before,” Dr. Bologna said.

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Marine biologists said the picky creatures don’t like the ocean, they stick to the bay, and don’t like the sunlight.

“It’s only at night they swim up to the water column to feed, so the likelihood you are going to encounter them are low,” Dr. Bologna said.

If you do.

“We recommend white wine vinegar, we carry it on the boat,” he added.

The vinegar deactivates any stinging cells that have yet to be fired.

“Larger stings, multiple stings, some individuals have reported adrenal failure needing to go to the emergency room,” Dr. Bologna said.

The professor said he is fairly certain that where there is one there are many.

Marine biologists said the Barnegat Bay is a perfect area for the clinging creatures because they like quiet areas with grass beds and rock to hold onto.

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