NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– Everybody sleeps and now technology wants to help us to do it better. New apps can control and monitor every aspect and activity in the bed, including some that are better left in the dark.

Technology ranges from a space-age prototype that gives the ultimate assist in making sure your bed is always neatly made to a “Smartress,” a mattress that knows if someone else is sleeping in your bed. It might even tip you off via an app on your phone, CBS2’s Kristine Johnson reported.

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It’s a so-called “cheating alert,” courtesy of sensors embedded in the mattress to detect motion when there’s not supposed to be any. But for 3-year-old Bella Marlow, and her dad Ian, smart technology has given their family peace of mind.

“I’m amazed at some of the statistics that we’re able to get from what she has and notifications come through on our phone to tell us if she’s gotten out,” Marlow said.

Marlow can track Bella’s sleep patterns on an iPad or phone, and knows when she’s had a restless night, or gets out of bed when she not supposed to.

“The red indicates she’s out of bed,” he explained.

When little Bella does get out of bed, a light under the bed comes on for an all-important assurance.

“You want to do the search for monsters to make sure there’s no monsters in your room?” Marlow asked his daughter. She nodded that she did.

Another bed controlled by smart phones is the Balluga bed.

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“Everything is operated with an app, and you choose the kind of firmness you want every time you use it,” said Joe Katan of Balluga smart beds.

For Balluga, it’s all about air cells filled to personal comfort levels. They can be heated or cooled within seconds for the perfect sleep temperature.

“We have vibration massages and we have anti-snoring devices, courtesy lights with a movement sensor and what we believe is the best sleep experience ever,” Katan said.

“The best advancements are those that recognize the original roots, the handcrafting detail the natural fiber detail,” said Terri Long of Long’s Bedding.

Long is a fourth generation mattress store owner who says said to forget technology.

“You have so many things in your bedroom and in your home emitting radiation; electric — your mattress should not be one of those. Your mattress should just do what its meant to do, and that’s support you,” she said.

Prices for mattresses with sleep tech start at about $1,500 and, depending on the features you choose, can go up to over $4,000.

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