NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The New York City Rent Guidelines Board on Monday night voted for the second year in a row to freeze rent for one-year rent-stabilized leases.

Seven board members voted Monday for no rent hikes for one-year leases and a rent hike of 2 percent for two-year leases. Two board members abstained.

Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a statement in support of the vote.

“This year, the facts demanded a rent freeze. More than a million people will now have more security and a better shot at making ends meet. And the financial health of our buildings will remain protected because declining fuel costs have offset other expenses,” the mayor said in the release. “In short, tonight’s decision by the Rent Guidelines Board reflects what’s actually happening in our neighborhoods.”

As 1010 WINS’ Samantha Liebman reported, the vote came despite some calls to roll back rents. Tenants such as Beverly Rivers of Brooklyn were frustrated that a rollback did not happen.

“We needed a roll back,” she said. “I’m very disappointed with these people.”

Despite a second straight freeze, many who attended the meeting were worried about the choices they would have to make to keep up with rent.

“This year, owners have decreasing operating expenses, and they’re still getting an increase,” said one East Village woman, who said she will have to opt for a one-year lease. “The 2 percent for the two-year lease is way too high.”

But landlord advocates said many owners are mom-and-pop operations that own aging buildings that are constantly in need of repair, and they need the rent increases to keep up.

No one seemed happy with the vote Monday night, Liebman reported.

The new rent amounts will take effect for leases that are renewed after Oct. 1.

The board voted for the same plan last year, which marked the first time in history that the board approved a rent freeze.

Two years ago, the Rent Guidelines Board voted 5-4 to allow a 1 percent increase on one-year leases and a 2.75 percent increase on two-year leases.