When businesses want to communicate specific messages to potential customers, video marketing is a useful tool. However, traditional videos can be undynamic and boring to customers. Stage 6 Media has changed that by offering new, creative video campaigns that allow companies to connect with different audiences. Jenko Kent, chief creative officer and co-founder, talks about how the company helped the Orange County Office of Economic Development in New York develop a video to attract new businesses, tourists and residents.

Stage 6 Media is a standout as a leader in its field because the team is well versed in visual media, and they are willing to take risks, developing content that is dynamic and appealing. Kent states, “We have a lot of companies who will ask us to film a stereotypical, corporate, talking head video. We say ‘no,’ and instead find a really unique way to help them break the mold. Our biggest innovation is applying a user-based design methodology to the world of video, and by doing so, it’s garnered a lot of success for our clients.” One such client was the Orange County, New York Office of Economic Development.

The Orange County Partnership wanted a video that would help communicate its appeal to businesses who were looking to relocate or expand. The project’s goal was, “To make large industrial companies aware of the infrastructure, resources and incentives team Orange County has in place to support a relocation or expansion to an Orange County facility.” Rather than sticking with the same, bland approach in a typically dry industry, Stage 6 Media produced a witty, fun video that was memorable and communicated the message with humor and relatability. Kent states, “The work we did for them generated a lot of leads and brand recognition from all around the country, as well as won them an International Economic Development Council Award for excellence in marketing, which they’d never won before.”

Videos are a great communication tool in the current era of advertising, and they allow companies to connect with people who don’t want to read a lot of cumbersome text. What Stage 6 Media offers to its clients are videos that stand out and get noticed, while also effectively communicating the company’s message.


This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger of Examiner.com for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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