NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Vandals struck in Upper Manhattan this week, leaving numerous cars damaged.

At least a dozen vehicles were spray-painted in bright red on Park Terrace West, between 215th and 217th streets in Inwood.

Some residents think the vandalism is the work of teenagers.

Frustrated car owners told CBS2’s Dave Carlin they had their hands full trying to remove the paint.

“That’s the first thing I thought out — how difficult it was going to be to clean it off,” said Rudolph Jones of Inwood.

“These are just young kids who have too much free time on their hands, and they should be using their time in a more productive way, I think,” said Pedro Gonzalez of Inwood.

One car owner said a can of Easy-Off and WD40 worked to get the paint off.

Police asked anyone with information to call the 34th Precinct at (212) 927-0756, or (212) 927-0287, DNAInfo reported.


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