NEW YORK (WFAN) — Mike Francesa and a caller got into a back-and-forth Tuesday over the shifting sentiment of Mets fans regarding Daniel Murphy.

Bob in New Jersey asked the WFAN host how he could possibly say his callers were split last fall on whether the Mets should re-sign the second baseman, arguing that they were mostly in favor of keeping him around. Francesa insisted his callers were indeed divided.

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“I have a little vantage point of having done this and done it every day for 30 years,” Francesa said. “I know what propels the fans to call. What propels them to call is his performance in Washington right now. That is why they are calling! OK? Because he is playing out of his mind. If he wasn’t, they wouldn’t be calling.”

Murphy is having a career season — possibly an MVP one. He leads the majors with a .350 batting average and has 18 home runs and 67 RBIs. Against the Mets, he’s hitting .423 with seven homers.

Francesa said many Mets fans last fall “realized he was, for them, a good hitter, bad baseball player, which is what he’s always been,” noting that Murphy did not have a great on-base percentage and struggled as a fielder and baserunner.

“Listen, I didn’t say I had him going to Cooperstown, Mike,” Bob said.

“I would hope not,” Francesa shot back.


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