NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — When we see a new baby, our first reaction is usually to smile, wave and make big gestures.

But how much of this is the baby actually able to see?

Unlike many other animals, human  babies are born with their eyes open, but that doesn’t mean they’re actually seeing much.

But now, a new app is allowing parents to get a glimpse of what the world looks like to a young child.

Dr. David Hunter, a pediatric ophthalmologist, says while a baby’s vision quickly improves over the first year, it’s not fully developed until around age five, CBS2’s Alex Denis reported.

“Time and again, whether I’m in the office or even if I’m at a cocktail party, if I bump into to a new mom, they’ll want to know ‘what can my baby see?'” Dr. Hunter said.

After years of being asked that question — and based on decades of research — Dr. Hunter and his colleagues at REBI Scan developed the BabySee app, allowing parents to see what their baby sees beginning at birth.

“You turn it around and see your own face and what features of your face a baby might or might not be able to make out,” Dr. Hunter said.

That’s especially eye-opening for soon-to-be mom Kailee Algee.

“I think it’ll be really exciting to watch how things start and watch that progression over time as she grows and to see how the vision develops and from her perspective,” Algee said.

The BabySee app has been downloaded more than 15,000 times in more than 40 countries.

You can download the app for free on iPhone and iPad devices.