NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The daughters of the two presidential nominees are playing starring roles during these political conventions.

Chelsea Clinton will introduce her mother, Hillary Clinton, Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention. The speech comes a week after her friend, Ivanka Trump, made the case in Cleveland for her father, Donald Trump.


Despite their friendship, as CBS2’s Dick Brennan reported, Chelsea Clinton bluntly weighed in when asked about Ivanka Trump’s remarks that her father “will change the labor laws” for equality in the workplace.

“How would your father do that given it’s not something he spoke about?” Clinton questioned. “There are no policies on any of those fronts that you just mentioned on his website.”

Both daughters hold leadership positions at their family firms – The Clinton Foundation and Trump Inc.

“They both live in New York. Their husbands actually know each other,” The Washington Post’s Helena Andrews-Dyer said. “Ivanka is a working mom like Chelsea is a working mom. They’re both Ivy League grads.”

However, Andrews-Dyer said they are different in a crucial way.

“Ivanka was a model as a young woman. She was on her father’s television show. Chelsea, on the other hand, was sort of thrust into the public sphere and she’s been living sort of a private public life for many, many years,” Andrews-Dyer said.

Last September, Clinton spoke about her friendship with Trump.

“Ivanka and I talk about everything, as I’m sure you do with your friends,” Clinton said.

Both daughters know in the political sense that part of their job is to attract young voters, something that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton need more of.


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