ROWLETT, Texas (CBSNewYork)– A 2-year-old girl in Texas threw a tea party for a police officer who saved her life last year.

The party was one Corporal Patrick Ray did not want to miss, CBS2’s Sonia Rincon reported.

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“We’re best friends, right? Forever,” Ray told the young girl.

The Rowlett police officer first met little Bexley one year ago after she choked on a coin. His body camera was rolling as he got her breathing again.

“It was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard in my entire life,” he said.

When the 2-year-old was asked if the officer saved her life she said sweetly, “Yes, he did.”

It was an unforgettable day for Bexley’s mother, Tammy Norvell.

“This is a day that I will celebrate. Because I have her,” she said.

Norvell hired a professional photographer to capture her daughter, who is now nearly 3, with her favorite police officer.

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“Whenever I do ask my children, ‘What do you want to pray for?’ Bexley always says, ‘Officer P. Ray. Officer P. Ray,'” Norvell said.

Bexley’s brother prays for him too.

“The night of the Dallas shooting, he asked if Officer P. Ray was okay. I wasn’t ready for that question from my 5-year-old,” the mother said.

As a way to counter the negativity directed at police, Norvell hopes the pictures show how she sees them.

“I want people to have an image of the sweeter side,” she said.

Corporal Ray expects to get some teasing, but he won’t mind a bit.

“I’m sure I’m probably gonna get a tea set or something. We’re buddies. I can watch her get married. I can watch her have a family,” he said. “She could have lost her life that day. And I got super lucky.”

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The two friends will be watching out for each other from now on.