NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — What started as a really cute marriage proposal idea had a trio of Queens police officers in hot water late Sunday.

Yehuda Coriat, 22, recently proposed to his now-fiancée Sorah Oppen with a complicated setup involving the NYPD officers. The officers were asked to stage a fake traffic stop for the couple this past Wednesday.

The officers claimed they were conducting a drug and weapons search, but the search revealed balloons, a bouquet and a ring in the trunk.

The man thanked the officers for helping him stage the surprise. Video of the proposal was uploaded to YouTube.

Coriat told the New York Post that officers from the 101st Precinct agreed to do it, wearing their uniforms while off-duty and borrowing department vehicles.

But it turns out the trio of officers who were in on the joke were reportedly actually on duty at the time.

An NYPD sergeant released a statement: “This incident is being reviewed by the NYPD and based on preliminary findings, will be referred to the proper unit for possible disciplinary action.”