NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– There’s no shortage of products or procedures to make you look younger, but they’re primarily focused on your face.

However, a youthful appearance goes far beyond that, CBS2’s Kristine Johnson reported. Now there are lots of ways to deal with other body parts that can be affected by age.

“This must happen when you get older,” patient Peter Stein said.

Stein isn’t talking about wrinkles on his face, but the extra skin around his neck.

“In the age of uploading photos to Facebook and the internet I became self-conscious,” he said.

A double chin, veiny hands, or a spotty chest — they’re all aging giveaways. It goes beyond botox and fillers for the face now, there’s a full array of procedures for other body parts that can belie your age.

Stein opted for an injectable called Kybella to dissolve the fat around his neck.

“If we put it strategically it helps get rid of the double chin,” said Dr. Stafford Broumand, a plastic surgeon.

“When I look down all I see is these wrinkly and veiny, all these veins poking out,” patient Pat Malizia said.

Filler injections help turn back the hands of time for a smoother, plumped up look.

“The beauty of this type of treatment is that you don’t actually have to tell anyone. It’s very discreet,” plastic surgeon Dr. Maman said.

“Recently we see a tremendous resurgence or uptick so to speak in patients coming in to rejuvenate other body parts,” plastic surgeon Dr. Z Paul Lorenc said.

Thermi-Tight uses radio frequency to tighten crepey skin around the knees, and almost anywhere on the body.

Daria Strittmatter felt her thin lips were aging her.

“You lose the volume of the lip and that’s exactly what happens here,” Lorenc said.

The filler Restalyn is injected to puff them up, for no more pout.

And for the delicate, often sun exposed skin on the chest, a a micro-needling process with tiny pulsating needles pierces the skin, which is then infused with the patients own plasma. Within that is all the patients growth factors, which encourages collagen production for skin with a younger more vibrant appearance.

The varying procedures range in price from several hundreds of dollars to several thousands.