NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– A talented young girl from Queens is sharing her story of how she overcame being bullied.

She not only educates other children on this epidemic, but was inspired to start her own fashion line all because of her experience, CBS2’s Jill Nicolini reported.

“The kids would call me chubby so I took the chubby and I made it into my fashion company ‘ChubiiLine‘,” 11-year-old Egypt Ufele said.

Egypt was bullied when she entered the first grade. At 4 years old, she was diagnosed with asthma and had to start taking medications.

“I just started to blow up and I gained weight rapidly so everyone at school would bully me,” she said. “It made me feel bad about myself, but my mom always told me everyday I am a princess.”

It was this, along with the guidance of her mother, her sister and grandmother that inspired her.

“I got into fashion design when I was five because I was watching my grandma sew,” Egypt said. “I would help her sew other people’s stuff.”

She started sketching her own designs and along with grandma’s help, they both hand-make all the clothing from the line, which is for men, women and children.

“ChubiiLine is for all sizes from toddlers to size 26,” she said. “The ChubiiLine is known for the ready-to-wear and African print with an urban twist.”

Her fall collection consists of hoodies and pants, tops with flared skirts, along with tank tops and jackets and even dressy dresses.

“It has off-the-shoulder called the Tarzan look, could be $95 up to $100,” she said.

Egypt also started an anti-bullying campaign known as “Bully Chasers” and has received numerous awards and recognition for helping other children who have been bullied . She even got one from Danny Glover.

“I received the Power of Dream Award from Danny Glover for humanitarian work,” she said. “I went to different schools and talked about bullying.”

Egypt will continue to be home schooled and work on her fashion line for next spring. She is leaving Friday to head to California where her ChubiiLine fall fashions will be featured in Orange County Fashion Week.


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