EDGEWATER, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A mother in New Jersey is getting rid of all her high-tech gadgets for a year in an effort to spend more time with her children.

CBS2’s Christine Sloan reported Iris Tirri, 29, of Edgewater is trading in her iPhone for a Polaroid camera.

“I think I am the last generation to have a childhood without technology,” Tirri said.

Tirri said beginning next week she is shelving email, Facebook and Instagram for the next year.

“I feel that I am missing part of my children’s life,” she explained. “The amount of time I spend on my iPhone is just awful.”

Tirri said she came up with the idea when one of her 18-month-old twins reached a milestone and her 7-year-old daughter had to tell her to put down the phone.

“She started yelling at me, ‘Mom, look up, Franklin’s walking,’ and I had just been scrolling on my newsfeed and I looked up and he had tumbled down. I had missed those couple of steps,” she said.

Tirri is not worried about emergencies because she’s always at home and her husband will still have his cellphone.

“He’s skeptical, but a little skeptical how long I am going to last because I do like technology, checking up my friends and family, posting pictures of my kids,” she said.

She’s already told friends and family by email of her intentions, and bought a record player.

Tirri said she’ll probably lock up those tempting devices, and if she makes it for a year using retro items, she’ll write a book.

Tirri will be keeping track of her days by keeping a journal.


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