NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Several traffic advisories are in place as police continue their investigation after an explosion in or near a dumpster by a busy intersection in Chelsea set off a chain of confusion and fear across New York City on Saturday night.

CHELSEA EXPLOSION: ‘Intentional’ Blast On W. 23rd Street; 29 Hurt | Sources: 2nd Device On W. 27th Pressure Cooker | Mayor: No Specific, Credible Threat To NYC | Street Closures 

West 23rd Street remains closed between Fifth and Seventh Avenues.

Sixth Avenue remains closed between West 14th Street and West 25th Street.

The E and F train lines are bypassing the 23rd Street and 28th Street stations in both directions. Service for the 1 train has resumed making normal stops at 23rd and 28th Streets.

The MTA M5, M7 northbound, M23, and X10, X17, X27, X28, and X1 Manhattan-bound buses are detoured around the area.

Port Authority will resume PATH service on its 33rd Street Line beginning at 5 a.m. on Monday. The trains will bypass the 23rd Street Station due to the ongoing police investigation, but will continue to make normal stops at the Christopher, 9th, 14th and 33rd Street Stations.

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  1. Grey Cloak says:

    comment from France : this politician is committing the basic instinctive (and childish) mistake. Denying evidence. Same with de Blasio mental dysfunction about “intentional” blast .. oh really ? you mean an explosive may be fit by humans, and not auto-creating destructive material kinda Terminator stuff ? so the blast may be intentional ? but of course not connected with terrorism (ah ah) .. well what do you call terrorism, then, Mayor, if exploding blasts in public places is not ? especially when a second device is found minutes after? Those politicians considers their citizens as dummies. Or they themselves are.

    1. France? You mean the chicken dance country! We don’t need advise from the French when it comes to security.

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