Several times a year, about 100 female Uniondale High School students gather after school for a program called, “S.E.L.F.I.E.” (Sisters Exploring Leadership, Friendship, Image, and Education).  The group invites presenters to address pertinent issues in the lives of young girls and conversations about the topics follow.

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Gabrielle, a 24-year-old Uniondale alumna who also volunteers in the program, says it’s an opportunity for the girls to discuss, “topics that aren’t necessarily talked about in the classroom,” and adds that it is a “judgment-free zone.”

One of the program’s sessions, called “Media & Me,” addresses social media. Uniondale High School’s Dean of Academic Services, Cecelia Bonner, says the discussion surrounding that topic includes, “how…the students see themselves, their image in social media, how…they use the social media in a positive way and deter from any negative, what we would call peer pressure, to do things that would not benefit them on social media.”

Gabrielle and three of the young women currently in the program sat down with to have a candid conversation about how they feel social media has impacted their lives and the self-esteem of young girls today.

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Girls are not the only ones impacted by this new world. Boys are also affected by the social media culture. Rutgers University seniors, Matt and Josh, also sat down with to have a candid conversation about their experiences on social media and how they feel it is affecting their generation.


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