HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — CBS News contributor Bob Schieffer doesn’t believe Monday night’s presidential debate swayed many voters across the nation.

“I’ve never seen one where the decorum broke down the way that it did tonight. You almost never see audience responses like we saw tonight. We were expecting a different kind of debate and I think in that way that we saw one. I don’t think Donald Trump lost any votes tonight, I’m not sure Hillary Clinton gained any votes tonight,” the former “Face the Nation” moderator said on CBS News after the debate.


He continued, “What we saw was an example of how deep a divide is now between Democrats and Republicans. I didn’t learn very much new tonight. I thought they started off pretty well, it was fairly businesslike, and then about 15 minutes in it broke down into name-calling, and it was back-and-forth and who can shout the loudest.”

Schieffer added that each nominee only talked to their supporters during the debate and didn’t try to reach across the aisle.

“She was preaching to her choir over here, he was preaching to his choir over here, we never saw any indication of how you can come together and form the coalitions to break the gridlock that this country finds itself in,” Schieffer said.

CBS2’s Tony Aiello was at Hofstra’s student center for the debate, as many are voting for president for the first time. Students were split on how well Trump and Clinton did.

“I think he’s doing well. I think he says a lot of things that people think in their head sometimes, but are too afraid to say out loud. I think he’s funny,” Lauren De Pinter said.

“She’s pretty calm, cool, collected. I don’t think she’s too fazed by this. I think that she has it in the bag already, to be honest,” Priya Patel said.

Student Madeline Currie said she is a frustrated registered voter.

“It’s kind of a hard election to vote in for the first time because it’s so crazy,” Currie said.

There was a strong reaction at the debate watch party when Trump commented on the state of black communities.

“I just feel as though he’s generalizing all African-American and Latino communities as if we all suffer from the same thing,” Currie said.

Monday was the first of three presidential debates.

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  1. It’s good to see intelligent replies even on a liberal sight. Look for comments to be closed and deleted soon.

  2. Phred says:

    For once I find myself agreeing with Schieffer.This debate will not effect the election either way. People who want an expanding socialist government will vote for Hillary, and people who want some kind of restraints put on government spending and intrusion into the private sector will vote for Trump. The question is how many people in this country are socialists now, and how many are constitutional capitalists. We will find out in November.

  3. James A Johnson says:

    I read the entire comment section. Only 1 was for cankles and another was neutral. EVERY other comment was 100% TRUMP. I’m praying America is finally waking up.

  4. Edgar Martinez says:

    “we never saw any indication of how you can come together and form the coalitions to break the gridlock that this country finds itself in,” Schieffer said.”

    After years of being called a bigot, a racist, a xenophobe, a misogynist and “low information” I really have no interest in coming together with those who preach tolerance, micro aggression and yearn for safe spaces. No, I’ve pivoted. My goal is to now purge these morons from my country.

    1. James Burnham says:

      I’m right beside you.

  5. Marshall R. Tackett says:

    Mr. Trump was himself in the debate. Secretary Clinton seems to have relinquished her personhood in the debate last night. I could almost see the iron collar around her neck. Thank you Mr. Trump for showing American what it is like to a a free man.

  6. Greg O'Neill says:

    Don’t ask the opinion of children. They have no real live experience to base their opinions on! They are too young to have the power of the vote!!

  7. miikiki says:

    Hillary was polished and very well rehearsed like an automaton one sees at Disney, but lacked any of the charm. If last nights performance was to convince the American public that she has a heart as well as a brain she was a complete failure.

  8. You misquoted Ms. Patel….she said, I think she thinks (Hillary) that she has it in the bag already. Ms. Patel did not say, she has it in the bag. You are giving the impression that she was for Hillary, when the comment was actually showing Hillary’s over confidence.

  9. steve-o says:

    Any young voter who think our borders can be essentially “open”, and our govt can get more and more powerful and tax more and more………and then conclude their economic futures will be better under Hillary……..need to have their head examined. And they should examine tax rates to see how crushing they are when all added up.

  10. Tomas Soweto says:

    Clinton was boring and sounded too rehearsed, but Holt didn’t ask her any tough questions and went after Trump with a lot of “gotchas”. Trump won by a narrow margin, if anything.

  11. Leave it to modern, lazy media to MISQUOTE a student… They write: (she SAID) “She’s pretty calm, cool, collected. I don’t think she’s too fazed by this. I think that she * * THINKS THAT SHE * * has it in the bag already, to be honest,” Priya Patel said.

    Makes a BIG difference leaving out those three words.

  12. This election needs to focus on policies and not personalities. Mr. Trumps policies are clearly superior. Ronald Reagan pulled our economy out of the doldrums! Mr. Trumps strategy is even bolder and his experience dealing with top businessmen in the world far exceeds Reagan’s. His endorsement by 400 Admirals and Generals speaks for itself when it comes to foreign policy.

    The former first lady on the other hand is doubling down on the horrific foreign policy results and the abysmal economic results. Intelligent realists are not fooled by the fictitious status quo administration statistics no matter how many times the msm trumpets their accuracy.

    Scheiffer was spot on regarding the former first lady, she scored zero points on any wavering GOP, independent or undecided smart minorities. The proof of that is in the pudding: Averaging CNBC, TIME and the Drudge debate winner polls? Trump won and won Big League, that I can tell you 😉

  13. rayburke1 says:

    An outstanding collection of comments !!! I got much more out of the commentary than I did from
    the debate !!! REBel

  14. JOe says:

    Schieffer; ‘Trump didn’t lose any voters, Clinton didn’t gain any voters.’

    Inset CBS video headline “Voters Impressed with Hillary in First Debate”

  15. Lizzyb says:

    I thought Trump missed some opportunities but then he has 2 more debates and will look at the mistakes he made and hopefully won’t make them again. I personally don’t care about any candidates’ tax returns and can’t believe so much time was spent discussing his. So many important topics never discussed…Wanted to wipe that nasty smirk off of Hillary’s face which was there most of the time Trump was speaking. She is a nasty piece of work and spent a good deal of time calling him names.

  16. Steve Hollar says:

    Trump clearly won and here is why. You have to think about what you have observed from politicians throughout your life, whether you are young or old. They stand at a podium and blather on and on about what they are going to do to fix our problems. Then, when they get elected, they become deaf, dumb, and mute about everything they promised and nothing changes.

    America is in critical condition. It can not survive with more of the same old thing. The inaction and constant lies can no longer be tolerated. Hillary Clinton epitomizes the typical bloviating politician who will continue on this countries course to destruction.

    Donald Trump is an outsider. He is not a politician. He is not tainted by that profession. Is he the one who will turn things around for America? I like to think so, but, I don’t know for an absolute fact that he will. What I do know is he will not just be more of the same old tired bs.

    So, bottom line to me is that Hillary came off as just another politician who can’t be trusted, Trump as someone who just might get things moving in the right direction for us. That is why I will be voting for him. It’s really just that simple.

  17. Poor Mrs. Stainmaker…one foot in the grave, and the other in her mouth.

  18. bill says:

    Holt went from being a “trusted” newsperson to a media shill sellout in a flash — the people see this — I hope Trump’s people advise him to attack Clinton in the next debates; pushing past the orchestrased left-wing moderator’s questions (I.e., Bengasi, Clinton Foundation, etc.).

  19. CO Jones says:

    To those who think Trump blew his chance to nail Lady Macbubba: think strategically. If Donald had mentioned her emails, Wall Street speech fees, etc. they would seem like “old” complaints in the next 2 debates. So Donald was smart. He got the birther, Iraq, tax stuff out of the way so those petty thing won’t be revisited in the future.

    That allows the coming debates to focus on weighter stuff: her health, Benghazi, and other things… while closer to the election.

    Remember: Obama bombed in the early debates. Ultimately they didn’t count. What DID was later ones, especially the last.

    Trump can hold his punches ’til needed. He can ask tough questions, launch eviscerating attacks, and perhaps causes Canklesaurus to faint…or fill her stool pouch.

    1. Chun says:

      that was so damn funny, oh my Lord that was one of the best comments i have heard in months, thanks CO Jones, stomach cramps

  20. CO Jones says:

    Good times!

    (1) Most polls show Trump won the debate (CNN, Time, Drudge, etc.).
    (2) Holt confirmed that mass-media IS biased toward liberals.
    (3) The petty stuff is out of the way now.
    (4) Trump passed his trial-by-fire exceedingly well.
    (5) Before the next debate everyone will be talking about the questions Clinton ducked.
    (6) Wikileaks may drop some new “embarrassments” on Hilldebeest.
    (7) Trump has 2 more times to bring up what Holt wouldn’t.
    (8) The last debate is the most important one.
    (9) Donald can say what he wants then, over-riding Hillaryous and any moderators.

  21. I didn’t care for Holt scolding the audience when they clapped for Trump then not saying a word when they subsequently clapped a half dozen times for Clinton.

    Biased. Lester Holt epic fail.

    Given Trump’s first outing in a one-on-one debate with a master at it, debating a hostile moderator, and listening to an audience only allowed to cheer for Clinton, Trump did outstanding.

    Clinton didn’t score a single “gotcha” on any policy issue or cause Trump to lose his cool. That was the only real things she needed to do for a win and she failed. Even in a rigged debate she failed.

  22. Janie says:

    If I grade all three on accuracy the moderator would be last! Even his first introductory question was a lead-in assumption and inaccurate. Recovery really? With the lowest labor participation rate in US history. The GDP at an all time low? This whole debate was so obviously STAGED by the left. Statements the moderator made that were completely false. His error on “stop & frisk” as if he didn’t know it was overturned. His weird insistence that Trump was for the Iraq war? I listen to politics a LOT! I have been listening to interviews given by Trump for years now. Let me be clear, he was opposed to the war in Iraq BEFORE, DURING & AFTER. He has always been opposed to it and been rather unpopular for that opinion. Now the moderator is trying to keep suggesting the only guy that was openly against it wasn’t? The average American doesn’t research things. If you repeat a lie often enough people assume it’s true. This moderator must be a democrat and must be affiliated with the Clintons. He has totally jeopardized any future credibility for accurate journalism though so he must have been paid well for his services to the Democratic Party.

  23. The sad thing is that when this country was born and for a very long time people didn’t run for president, they didn’t campaign. They didn’t get the job by lying, paying people off, making promises, or rigging elections! They were chosen by the people because of their deeds, what they did in life, what they stood for, and who they were. Thats the way it started and that’s the way it should be!

  24. Ozzonelayyer says:

    The biggest thing Americans are concerned about is the one thing Holt avoided 100% – illegal immigration. Not a word.

    But his tax records and his previous birther stance keep people awake at night. Right Lester?

  25. ShellBell says:

    I was stunned by this article! If this guy wasn’t fawning over hildy, WOW! I was sitting here watching cspan, thinking I was the only person who thought Trump was great & she sounded like a droid. I wanted to smack the smirk off her face, then turn around & punch holt the dolt.
    So happy I’ve found so many like-minded people!

  26. Robert Davis says:

    Shame on Lester Holt… spending time on TRIVIAL NONSENSE like ‘birther’ ..

  27. Jerry says:

    Trump was asked about his releasing his tax returns. Why wasn’t Hillary asked about releasing the transcripts to her speeches to the very firms that initiated the 2008 financial collapse? She wasn’t asked about the $150 million dollars she and her husband were paid for these speeches. Again, the questions were asked from a Democratic point of view.

  28. Steve says:

    She went gutter ball the entire night. All she did was name call that he was racist, sexist, etc. It’s getting tedious and lame. It’s also very childish. She definitely got under his skin, but I really can’t blame him. Somebody needs to tell her to wipe the smirk off her face. Most of Lester Holt’s questions were crafted to put Trump on the defensive and he fell into the trap.

    I don’t think it was Trump’s finest hour, but Hillary looked petty and smug and had a lot of corny retorts. She was awful!

    1. Jerry says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Trump could have nailed her on Cyber Security and on her paid speeches to the architects of the 2008 financial collapse.

      1. CO Jones says:

        Think strategically. If Donald mentioned her emails, etc. they would seem like “old” complaints in the next 2 debates. Donald was smart. He got the birther, Iraq, tax stuff out of the way so those won’t be revisited in the future.

        That allows the coming debates to focus on her emails, health, Benghazi, and other things… and closer to the election.

        Remember, Obama bombed in his early debates. They didn’t count. What DID was later ones, especially the last.

        Trump can hold his punches ’til the end, then ask tough questions, launch many attacks, perhaps causing Canklesaurus to faint.

  29. Fred Nik says:

    Coalition? Are you out of your mind? This election is about establishing a path going forward. Once there’s a winner, he can decide how and whether to seek a coalition, not before then. I love the way liberals suddenly seek bipartisanship when they feel threatened, but otherwise, it’s my way or the highway.

  30. LVTaxman says:

    Lester Holt was even more biased than expected. Birtherism, check. Tax returns, check. Bankruptcy, check. Benghazi, what? Email server, what?, Clinton Foundation, what?

  31. konc2 says:

    Is it just me, or did Clinton have that :Joker” face on and that “I’m mentally ill” idiot smirkey arrogant grin on her face all night like she already knows the election is being rigged for her as she speaks.

    1. Steve says:

      It’s not just you. That smirk looked awful.

  32. Robert F.K. says:

    Trump creamed the witch. Holt must be working for the Clinton crime family. No questions on shillery’s health? Bengazi? Extortion? Selling favors to foreign governments. Many polls have Trump winning the election by the largest margin in political history. Independent polls in Florida, Ohio and Georgia have Trump winning at 70% plus.

    1. scotty417 says:

      All polls showed that Donald Trump overwhelmingly won the debate.
      Not one poll around shows her winning.
      Lester Dolt tried to double team on Donald Trump and ended up with egg on his face.

  33. David Gurney says:

    We saw Old Holt Unlimited tonight do a soulful strut past objectivity.Charles Van Doren would have done a much better job answering these questions than did Hillary.

    1. GA Russell says:

      Props for “Old Holt Unlimited!”

  34. Paulio says:

    Hillary’s constant smirk just seemed to bolster her arrogant image. So annoying. Also She spent way too much time spitting out “political lip service” playing right into the all talk no action narrative.

  35. During the debate Clinton appears to be a well-spoken bureaucrat..while wrong on all the issues…so for that, she lost the debate.

    1. Jack Steffen says:

      My opinion as well Rick. I think people are getting tired of canned answers and smiles. Like him or hate him, at least Trump is genuine. He has my vote.

  36. Mig Mo says:

    Biased questions. Trump gets asked about stupid birther stuff and Hillary gets no questioning on passing out last week or Clinton Foundation pay for play

  37. Jack Steffen says:

    My take on the debate: Donald Trump managed to bring out some topics that obviously weren’t going to be discussed – the 30,000 deleted e-mails, the fact that ISIS has grown and proliferated on Obama & Hillary’s watch, and something the MSM apparently missed but I didn’t – His specific and politically clever mention of the Rust Belt swing states (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan) and how they’ve been hurt by NAFTA. He’s not a polished professional politician so I think you were seeing more sincerity as opposed to Clinton, who talked a good game but really has nothing to show for it.

    1. Ashley West says:

      Horrible bias in this ‘debate’. The so-called moderator was obviously a Clinton ally — and Hillary looked like a drugged-up robot.

  38. Her phony smiles were a turn-off. I wanted to slap the smirks off her face, Actually, I wanted to bitch-slap that demon-infested hag straight back to Hell. She is a DEPLORABLE creature,

  39. F. Ketchum says:

    I’ve voted democratic for fourty years, until tonight. Nixon’s a piker compared to the Clintons, including the daughter. Mr. Trump has my vote.

  40. CalifornianSeven says:

    I could have logged into Hillary’s website to read the slogans I heard from her tonight…Donald rambled on several questions and let Hillary make all kinds of wild accusations without pushing back. No great surprise here – limited policy & excessive personality from both…I wasted 90 minutes of my life tonight….

  41. Mongoose says:

    “I just feel as though he’s generalizing all African-American and Latino communities as if we all suffer from the same thing,” Currie said.
    But was what he said accurate?
    Yeah, it was.
    And they are problems you aren’t willing to discuss.

  42. FloydRTurbo says:

    Trump was too much of a gentleman, he should have nailed her on the bimbo eruptions, pay for play and the bathroom server. He almost had her flustered but wouldnt go in for the kill.

  43. Pat Bryan says:

    Was Schieffer watching the debate? Trump was a babbling idiot.

    1. JERRY BRICKLEY says:

      Pat you seem all alone in your opinion…all alone.

  44. PatrickJT says:

    If CBS is basically calling the debate a tie, that means they really think Trump creamed Clinton.

  45. Marty Minor says:

    Lester Holt was a biased moderator against Trump. No questions to Hillary about bengazi, clinton foundation scandal, former scandals while First Lady under Bill Clinton, and of course the email scandal, also the medical issues. It was all questions against Trump. People can see this bias. Not well done.

    1. Jane says:

      I thought he was biased not asking her about her emails, foundation and her connection of taking money from foreign nations. But then I thought maybe I was biased so I watched reruns and I was correct. He was biased

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