HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Twitter had fun with Donald Trump’s “400-pound guy” comment during Monday night’s presidential debate at Hofstra University.

While discussing about the report Russians were behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, Trump said it could’ve been anyone – from the Chinese to a “400-pound guy” lying in his bed.

As soon as he uttered that line, social media users had a field day on Twitter with the quote.

U.S. officials told CBS News in July that Russian “fingerprints” were left behind in the hack on the DNC.

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  1. lulu says:

    Was he referring to certain people who live across the GW Bridge?

  2. Penelope Kornbluth says:

    Very funny comment – most cyber-dorks are morbidly obese!

    1. Cyn InOregon says:

      All the guys I’ve seen arrested and/or prosecuted are regular nerdy guys–not overweight, maybe too skinny if they are too old to live at home where their mom feeds them. Check-out the Anonymous protests around the world–nary a chubby person in sight. Junk food is expensive–hackers spend their money on upgrading their systems.

  3. Robert F.K. says:

    Comment was right on the money!. If you have studied cyber crime and digital espionage you would know Trump’s answer was extremely accurate.

    1. Cyn InOregon says:

      Then why are these 400-lb people never prosecuted? Only guys like somebody’s brother, in a hoodie and jeans. I’ve never seen anyone large arrested for hacking. And those who hacked the defense contractor I worked for were school kids–they shut us down every day by 4 p.m. Besides, the DNC hackers left behind evidence they were Russian–ways to get back in, style of hacks, everyone around the world identified them as Russian. Trump is woefully uninformed.

  4. mslemu says:

    I think that comment was insulting and rude, totally unnecessary.

  5. mslemu says:

    I think that comment was insulting and rude, totally unnecessary.

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