NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The New Jersey legislature is set to vote on a deal that would hike gas prices by 23 cents after Gov. Chris Christie and Democratic leaders reached a deal.

CBS2’s Steve Langford reports the tax hike could increase the cost of other things people buy.

The last time New Jersey raised its gas tax Ronald Reagan was in the White House, but 28 years later, the Garden State’s transportation trust fund is bone dry, and now Trenton is paying attention.

A hastily arranged announcement Friday, a day after a NJ TRANSIT train crashed at Hoboken terminal, hailed an agreement to raise the gas tax by 23 cents a gallon, refilling the state’s empty transportation fund.

“I’m happy to be a governor now who is going to be able to say that we have responsibly financed for a long period of time the longest period the state will ever see,” Christie said.

However, New Jersey drivers were not happy about the tax.

“You have single mothers and fathers who have to put kids in day care, travel to work every day and you want to go up on gas prices?” one person said.

Another said, “That’s too much.”

Sal Risalvato, head of the New Jersey Gasoline Association, said there’s no question the state’s transportation infrastructure needs major work, but consumers will see a clear ripple effect because of the gas tax hike.

“It is inevitable for the price of groceries and all consumer goods to rise because of this gas tax increase,” Risalvato said.

Newark station operator Leonard Spinelli said everyone was just getting used to a little relief at the pump.

“You know, people need gas. They’re going after the gas tax because people need gas,” Spinelli said.

Lawmakers said the gas tax will pay for an eight-year, $32 billion injection of funds to start rebuilding transportation in New Jersey.

The gas tax agreement may be voted on by legislators as soon as this week. It includes a deal to slightly lower the state sales tax and eliminate the estate tax.

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  1. Ron says:

    Don’t forget the carpet tacks…… lets see how long it stays at 25 censt now that fuel prices are rising….way to go legislator cowards…and I mean that..waiting till Friday…so you can all run and hide…oh and whats the lib motto never let a tragedy (the train wreck) go to waste….yup I said last Tuesday this is what youd do….I was hoping I was going to be pleasantly surprised…but….nope nobodys the brains to figure out a new way to gemoney or God forbid get rid of top heavy management..or put state workers on the same healthcare we get in the real world….yes the unaffordable affordable healthcare….ill just bet a lot of “legislators” went on vacation or are hiding under their desks as they damn well should. cowards…that’s what you are.

  2. Ron says:

    Don’t forget the carpet tax….

  3. Bob K. says:

    The gas tax would cost .49 cents per day on average. About $180 per year. Get over it! It is pennies.

  4. ewcollins says:

    Although the gas tax will go up by 23¢ (for now), the price of gas could go up by far more. Why is this? Because it will now be more expensive to get the gas to the stations, and the stations will be more expensive to run.

  5. Wicket21 says:

    If the legislators agree to this “deal” they won’t be legislators for long. They may think we New Jerseyians will forget this, but when it hits us in our pockets, that is something we don’t easily forget. You’re all up for re-election next year, and there will be a broad sweeping out of the state house both with the General Assembly AND the state senate. Senator Sweeney- you are the lead Democrat on this “deal.” You also stated your would “help” the Teacher’s Union, and you caused teachers throughout the state to lose their income because of PL 78- another “deal” you and Christie cooked up. You are probably the WORST thing to happen to New Jersey ever, and I am sure there is a kick back happening between you and Christie. This whole think stinks from head to foot.I urge every citizen of New Jersey to contact their state representatives in both the Assembly and Senate, and tell them NO to approving this tax! It will be money thrown down a rat hole. This “tax” should be no more than 5 cents, NOT 23! It is another way for politicians to get their hands into our pockets and take away our hard-earned money. If this comes up for a vote and is passed for ONLY 5 cents, there should be a third party to oversee it, which has no political affiliations and will assure the citizens of New Jersey that it would be a transparency company making sure that the monies are delegated through proper channels, and NOTHING to be used for government spending other than INFRASTRUCTURE.

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