FARMVILLE, Va. (CBSNewYork) — A focus group conducted by CBS News contributor Frank Luntz overwhelmingly agreed that Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence won the debate against Democratic nominee Tim Kaine.

There are 26 people taking part in the focus group during the vice presidential debate being held at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

Luntz said 22 people in the focus group think Pence won, while only four believe Kaine did.

Luntz said Kaine was guilty of cutting off Pence frequently during the debate.


“Kaine is interrupting too much,” Luntz tweeted. “The focus group wants the moderator to lay down the law and shut him up until it’s his turn.”

The debate was moderated by CBS News’ Elaine Quijano.

“Mike Pence is winning because Tim Kaine cannot debate like an adult without interruptions,” Luntz tweeted.

“Kaine came off as a jerk. I actually like that guy and I was really disappointed in him,” one person in the focus group said.

However, another person said, “I thought Kaine won because Kaine focused on the issues that mattered to the inner city and the people.”

“Face the Nation” moderator John Dickerson called Tuesday night’s debate a “bickerfest.”

“Face the Nation” moderator John Dickerson called Tuesday night’s debate a “bickerfest.”

“Tim Kaine, from the word go, was interrupting and kept interrupting all night. He seemed insistent on getting across the bad news about Donald Trump. He repeatedly tried to get Mike Pence to defend Donald Trump, and often Gov. Pence resisted that temptation,” Dickerson said.

He continued, “Unlike Donald Trump in the last debate, Mike Pence was well prepared and he didn’t take the bait and in many instances he just let Tim Kaine keep interrupting.”

This is the only vice presidential debate of the election season.

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  1. Huma's Weiner says:

    Kane reminded me of Howard Dean…and for 90 minutes I kept waiting for him to scream.

  2. wiggyky says:

    Moderator Elaine Quijano was to Pence what Child Molesters are to children. She should be fired for being on Hillary’s payroll.

  3. Every time I see Tim Kaine speak he reminds me of Norma Desmond from the movie ‘Sunset Boulevard’ played by the great Gloria Swanson with all that face and eye twitching.

  4. Peter Anastos says:

    Kaine is a yappy dog, hardly even a man. Typical DemocRat emasculated pretend “male.”

  5. AddisonDeWitt says:

    That moderator: YIKES.

    1. Peter Anastos says:

      The freak “moderator” let Kaine run on like a yappy dog. She is a disgrace. Republicans need to shut down these “moderators” in the tank for DemocRats. Shut down ANDERSON COOPER at the next debate. Shut his Liberal ass down.

  6. Jayrocka says:

    Pence did great! A real guy not a BS artist like Kaine! Kaine was spinning what Trump has said taking it out of context! Big win for team Trump!

  7. Bonfire says:

    Same old Socialist crap from the DC cabal’s latest clown-Citizen Kaine.

  8. Vo Reason says:

    Here’s the solution. Trump drops out and Pence run for President.

  9. Bobster says:

    The entire Democrat value proposition seems to be “Vote for Hillary because Trump hasn’t released his tax returns!”
    Hey Hillary and Kaine, here’s a clue – EVERY American pays as little tax as possible in accordance with tax law.

  10. Thank you Lord for Mike Pence! He is a Rock Star! I was cheering for him when he brought up Saudi money going to the CF, the pay-for-play and everything else. He laid the SMACKDOWN like no other. It’s EXACTLY what Trump needs to do next debate! THANK YOU LORD FOR MIKE PENCE

  11. Kenya Smith says:

    The moderator, a typical liberal hack, kept letting Kaine babble on, even talking over Pence’s time, but she would always cut Pence off whenever he would bring up Clinton’s illegal email server. She even gave Kaine a question about North Korea that she didn’t give to Pence.

  12. sumus says:

    Pence was at a disadvantage because he was trying to defend Donald’s stupidity. Kaine had the advantage because Hillary isn’t as crazy as Trump. Basically 60 for Kaine 40 to Pence. Pence had the ultimate disadvantage of having to defend really stupid Trump stuff.

    1. ExSF says:

      What debate did you watch? Obviously not the same one the rest of us did.

      1. Ozzonelayyer says:

        He didn’t watch the debate. He’s just parroting Hillary’s lies.

  13. So many people all across the USA worrying about CLOWNS, KAINE IS THE ULTIMATE CLOWNS!! Beware……………

  14. Vince Foster's Ghost says:

    Kaine is obnoxious. He must have been coached by James Carville and Alan Colmes.

  15. DianeMaree says:

    This Kaine buffoon is as gay as a jaybird. Can a reporter please investigate his personal life? His beard was just too obvious at the after-debate handshakes.

  16. kraznor says:

    Kaine is everything people hate about lefties..the interrupting that lefties do on the talk shows is INSANE, and Kaine is no different. It’s Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals… Just talk over someone so that other people cannot hear them and run out the clock.

    Liberalism is a sickness. And every single time it leads to bad things, mostly dictatorships.

  17. Bob Caterton says:

    I’ve never seen a more unprofessional display at a debate on ANY level than Kaine’s performance tonight. He is basically running for – and winning – best a$$hole of the year! Watch tomorrow when it’s all a joke in the MSM, and they parade this jerk out to give pseudo-apologies of “I was too aggressive, but it’s because I CARE so much…” nonsense. Mark my words. This guy is a pitiful example of bully-politics. No wonder she picked him!

    1. Vince Foster's Ghost says:

      George Soros hand picked this communist.

  18. Jake Yoerger says:

    I think that Kaine is from the same mold as Biden. Good choice Shrillary!

  19. Kevin Brent says:

    Kaine looked like the snivelling little bitch he is…lol

  20. Winston Bela says:

    If Hillary wins: Following in the Joe Biden tradition, making the whole country hope nothing happens to the President.

    1. Vince Foster's Ghost says:

      Even Soros doesn’t trust Hillary. If she wins, she won’t make it to the inauguration. He wants his boy Kaine to finish off America.

  21. ExSF says:

    Wow, what an a-hole. And if Hillary is elected and can’t complete her term, as is likely, this a-hle will be your president. Good luck America!

  22. Gayle says:

    I wonder if the Vice President debate had as Many viewers as the Presidential debate?

  23. Sandy Hughes says:

    Kaine is really frightening

  24. FALCON says:

    Kaine was even dumber than I initially thought. Everything for the illegal criminal vagrant immigrants, at the expense of the American people. Truly sickening when pandering citizens for votes.

  25. Wilbo says:

    Pence nailed that close! Made Kaine look even more petty.

  26. Omalena says:

    Kaine is a bigger a zz than I originally thought.

  27. Juno Marcus says:

    Kaine is an absolute jerk! He’s perfect running mate for a political grifter.

  28. Kathy Cokus says:

    The two losers: Kaine and the moderator. The winner hands down: Pence.

  29. Steve says:

    Tim “Creepy” Kaine

  30. Wheelerdude says:

    Is “Crazy Kaine” the man behind all those “Crazy Clowns”??

  31. Phosphene says:

    I think KAINE is one of those CREEPY CLOWNS!

  32. BallBounces says:

    I feel sorry for Tim Kaine.

  33. Deplorable Infidel says:

    Hey Tim, Shut Up!

  34. Dave Allen says:

    Luntz your a loser, Kaine kick his ass. Hillary is going to kick Trumps ass next!!!!!

    1. Deplorable Infidel says:

      No, He is a Big Loser Tonight, Just like you are today and every other day after today and every day before, Ya Loser!

    2. You sound like an uneducated Hillary voter. You can’t even write a proper English sentence

  35. Rosemary says:

    Kaine typical Marxist. Can’t win on the real points so gets nasty like Hiliary. That’s what libs do when they have no points to win on. Picture him trying to negotiate with a foreign diplomat. Forever interrupting.

  36. Kathleen03 says:

    The non-stop talking garden gnome Tim Kaine has not answered one question. Instead he goes into his spin ensuring all the talking points he memorized are included. The neophyte moderator more resembles a frustrated mother at the market who can not control her children than a professional member of the media.

  37. Kaine must have had to practice exactly three or four lines. Either that, or he had a “chip” embedded in his brain, that tells him to say, every 5-10 minutes, ‘Donald Trump hates the military, Donald Trump said a nasty thing about John McCain, Donald Trump didn’t pay his taxes, Donald Trump said Obama wasn’t born here..etc.’ Kaine is a real light weight. Poor Hillary. He could hardly be considered an asset.

  38. gina says:

    Kaine is rude, childish and he is just freakishly weird looking, he kinda reminds me of a “creepy clown” … pervertish

  39. Sam Jones says:

    Kane can’t stop himself from talking over others. My impression is that what he will do to the people of the USA if he gets a chance.

  40. Sowhat says:

    Hillary’s signal(s) to the Democrat party surrogate moderator was rubbing her nose, Caine’s signal(s) to the Democrat party surrogate moderator was interruption; worked like a clock. I saw this nonsense in the first segment of the debate.

    Mr. Trump, you’re a leader. Correct this nonsense.

  41. Jim McGill says:

    Anyone who thinks Kaine looked anything but like a school yard bully, and an idiot, God Bless You

  42. Kathy Cokus says:

    WOW……I despise Kaine more than I thought possible! This moderator needs a boot in the butt!!! Shame on her!!!!

  43. orville says:

    Kaine acts and looks like a loony in the debate.
    Pence is the adult at the table.

  44. mikey0 says:

    Luntz? Didn’t he run that focus group that predicted Trump’s demise back in January? Or was that February? I trust him as much as I trust Hillary.

  45. Olesia C Kennedy says:


  46. Psalmon says:

    It’s not even a contest. No matter who you are coming into this, Kaine is just a Washington DC hack…everything people are sick of.

  47. Beach guy says:

    Pence could score real points by backhanding the sh!t out of lying azz Kaine.

  48. brian says:

    politics of personal destruction, the liberal playbook. Hey fool, Roe V. Wade is twelve weeks into an abortion., NOT killing babies on the delivery table so their body parts can be sold.

  49. Coy Coleman says:

    Kaine the Window Licker’s first book was, “The Panel Van Driver’s Guide to Making Children Disappear”. Not a big seller like “Stronger Odor Together”.

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