EAST HILLS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — One of the area’s wealthiest suburban communities — East Hills in Nassau County — wants to go high-tech to keep homeowners safe.

As CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported, the idea is to cover the community in cameras.

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The tiny North Shore village is just 2.3 square miles, and is considered one of Long Island’s safest enclaves.

But with two unsolved driveway assaults and home break-ins, homeowners who think dogs are no longer a deterrent are clamoring for more modern technology.

“There are thirty-three exits and entrances within the village, and each one will be covered by three cameras,” deputy mayor Manny Zuckerman said.

Zuckerman said that will require 100 cameras at intersections throughout the village. The initial cost will be $320,000.

“I think we should know who is coming into our neighborhood,” Mitra Nazarian said, “When I was in London we got lost and we were walking, the cameras were following us everywhere. In a way I felt safer.”

The Nazarians and others said the cameras are a good use of local tax dollars. The video would be held for about 90 days.

“If they are just driving through they are not going to be stopped, but god forbid if something happens they can always go back to the cameras and find out what’s going on,” Rita Bar-or said.

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The village pointed to many big cities and towns with so-called ‘ring of steel’ technology.

Civil liberties advocates say it raises privacy concerns.

“Surveillance like that is a certain intrusion, invasion of privacy, but as long as the cameras are not abused,” Marty Small said.

The cameras will ID the car, license plate, and driver.

“It’s becoming a necessity,” said Habib Nazarian who keeps cameras in his home as well.

Officials said they will seek additional state and federal grant funding to ensure village taxes will not be raised.

If approved the project could be complete in three to six months.

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