ST. LOUIS (CBSNewYork) — Bob Schieffer was not a fan of Sunday night’s presidential debate.

The CBS News contributor and former “Face the Nation” host called the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump “disgraceful.”


“How have we come to this? This is supposed to be a campaign for the most powerful office of the land. Here we’re marching in women into the hall who supposed to have some relationship with one of the candidate’s spouses. What’s that supposed to prove?” Schieffer said, citing women who claim former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault sitting in Trump’s box at the debate. “I mean this is what they do in Banana Republic. This is the United States of America.

“I just hope to God I don’t see another campaign like this one. America can do better than what we have seen here tonight. This was just disgraceful,” Schieffer said.

He continued, “This was WrestleMania, this wasn’t about presidential politics. I think Donald Trump gets most of the blame here, but I didn’t see much to be proud of on either side, although I thought she handled herself as well as she could under the circumstances.”

However, a focus group conducted by CBS News contributor and pollster Frank Luntz said that Trump won the debate against Clinton.

Of the 30 people who took part in the focus group, 21 said Trump had the greater positive impact on their voting choice, compared to nine for Clinton.

Luntz said that before the debate, eight people were willing to vote for Clinton and nine for Trump. Afterwards, however, 18 said they were willing to vote for the Republican nominee and only four for the former secretary of state.

Luntz tweeted that Trump’s sense of humor helped him during the debate – that he was “funny and ironic, not mean and nasty.”

Luntz stated that Clinton was on defense most of the night and that she “struggled on it and suffered for it.”

“Trump had the best closing tonight and probably of any debate we’ve seen this year – a sincere compliment about his opponent,” Luntz said.

However, the pollster added that Trump did “weaken” in the final half-hour of the debate.

Luntz added, though, that Trump is “back in this race.”

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  1. Joe Perry says:

    This is why we don’t trust the media and don’t really watch the news or the Olympics on the main broadcasters. This was their chance to show us how we need to watch them. It was a squandered opportunity. We have watched moderators become debaters leaning to one side. They are a long way from the days of Cronkite and Morrow.

    1. We watched it on YouTube. There is no commentary or distractions. I’m 61 and watched it on YouTube. I will tell you, nobody under 30 watched it on the network feed. I’m pretty sure that very few people even saw the debate on broadcast TV.

      1. RS says:

        But wherever you watched it, the bias of the moderators was more than apparent. It was blatant.

        1. says:

          I should say expected….

        2. SLOAN says:

          Moderators are unknowingly killing future TV debating.

          1. Oh believe me, they know! The problem is they are elites, above us “Little People” who know no better… Well, as Marie Antoinette once famously said: “Let them eat cake”. I say, We’ve tasted their “Cake” and we’ve got a belly-full of it’s bitterness.

            Off to the guillotines with the whole lot of them!!!

        3. Sal says:

          Schieffer of course is part of the establishment media. If the Clinton campaign through this Bush character hadn’t started the cage fight we could have had a debate on fiscal/monetary policy, the chaos in the middle east, Russian and Chinese militarization, nuclear proliferation in N Korea and Iran. But no, the media wants this cage fight. What’s disgusting is the media Bob….which was obviously an arm of the Clinton campaign in the “moderation” of the debate.
          I’m sure Bob we be a hit at the next party on the upper west side he attends.

    2. Watched on YouTube and it was bad enough with the moderators trying to steer us to one candidate.

    3. repsort says:

      precisely. when you realize that they are ALL on the same team, pulling in the same direction, it starts to make a bit more sense… The media, all branches of gov (left and right), academia.. It’s them against the American people.

  2. bellybelly says:

    Ah, sounds like a sore looser to me.

    1. dustoff44 says:

      If you are going to call some one a loser, at least spell it right so you don’t look like one yourself.

      1. Paul says:

        someone ….

        1. Buzz says:

          Good one LOL!

        2. Buzz says:

          Good one…LOL!

      2. Hargen says:

        Spell it correctly

      3. Mikys says:

        “…a loser” (quotes)

        1. Jack Kennedy says:


        2. petvs says:

          Thumb and forefinger extended to the forehead for millennials who get their new through social media or Sat nite live 😉

  3. naro wampanoag says:

    Can’t the media understand that? We vote AGAINST Hillary no matter who her opponent is.

    1. naro wampanoag says:

      And Schieffer is still getting $5 million/year for spouting his idiocies. People please boycott all mainstream media.

      1. Easy, watched it on YouTube

        1. Lori Hasselback says:

          Even easier. I didn’t watch it. What’s the point?

  4. CF TURLEY says:

    Bob …you’re a political HACK!!!….stop embarrassing yourself!!!

  5. mark meyer says:

    Shieffer would have loved it if Hillary won. Leftist jerk that he is.

  6. Doctor J says:

    So Trump was mostly to blame here, yet you had no criticism in the last debate where Mark Cuban was front and center for Hillary? Sorry, Schieffer, but your bias is showing…

  7. Spider says:

    You mean old Bob is not dead yet?

  8. Miles Teg says:

    I think it became obvious we were a banana republic long before the “debate” Like when the prestigious FBI botched an investigation to clear Clinton.

    1. John Stuart says:

      It wasn’t botched, it was a fix — absolutely rigged. I’ve never seen the likes of the IRS, DOJ, EPA, FBI and other agencies being used against political enemies as has occurred under the Obama administration. The corruption in Washington is intolerable and needs to be ended, but it will only get worse under criminals like the Clintons. We really are becoming a banana republic.

  9. Trump Won says:

    Mr Schieffer, I’ve been reading through the opinions of your opinion and looks like you’re not doing so good… May be YOU ARE WRONG. I’m sure it’s not the first time.

  10. Jpaq68 says:

    Bob only thought it was disgraceful because Hillary is being perceived as losing

  11. The biggest disgrace is the blatantly partisan performance of the media shills.

  12. Drider says:

    You know Bob. If the media was doing it’s job and presented the American public the good, bad, and ugly of both candidates then Trump wouldn’t have to do your jobs for you.

    By the way Bob. I didn’t find the debate disgraceful. I found it enlightening how Trump apologized and then reduced Hillary to repeating her memorized lines over and over again.

    Trump will make a fantastic POTUS. Hillary will simply be a Wallstreet puppet.

  13. Rico says:

    Schieffer has joined the ranks of Candy Crowley. Please don’t lecture us from the party scriptbook. You’ve shown you’re no journalist, but just another apparatchik.

  14. Trump Supporter says:

    Hey Bob – If the debate was disgraceful, it’s the result of the bias conduct towards Hillary by members of your so called profession. Not to mention Mr. Trump had to debate 3 people. Another example of blatant bias.

  15. Alt Bart says:

    Disgraceful? Is that because the Republican fought back? The disgrace is with the leftist media who give the crypto-communist democrat party a free pass and are only critical of the opponents of the Alinskyites.

  16. Gary Johnson won the debate – just by not being there.

    1. John Stuart says:

      He wouldn’t have known what Aleppo is, or for that matter where Syria is located.

      1. ADStryker says:

        Gary might not know much about international politics, but he does know how to roll a joint, and that’s good enough for some people.

  17. wholy1 says:

    Presstitute Schieffer commenting thru a “house of presstitution” – C[orp]B[ull]S[h*t].

  18. Jon Turner says:

    Nothing that the media in this country says means a thing to me. I know how I’m voting on the issues that the country faces. I know what candidate I’m voting for to support those issues. I am sick of people who support actions by candidates on one side, and then try to make it a big deal when something happens on the other.

  19. David Gurney says:

    CBS turned a blind eye to the disbarment of that spouse,The Great Stainmaker.

  20. Chezley says:

    I thought Schieffer was referring to the moderators’ behavior from the headline

  21. Every four years the corrupt Ruling Class media toadies raise questions about what the GOP candidate did or said years or decades ago while completely ignoring what the Democratic candidate did or said days or weeks ago. It’s one reason they have no credibility remaining with most Americans.

  22. Of course Shaffer would place the blame on Trump (republican candidate)!

  23. rick3262 says:

    As always, the obvious skids off the top of Bob Schieffer’s balding head. What’s disgraceful is a presidential candidate having to take on the moderators as well as the other candidate. Schieffer keeps his pie hole shut about that. What’s disgraceful is how one candidate conspired against a rival to rig the voting process against him. Schieffer keeps his pie hole shut.

    What about a presidential candidate who lies to Congress, the FBI and the American people, and talks about how they have to have public and private views–in other words, acknowledging that she lies? Schieffer turns the other way. What’s disgraceful is Bob Schieffer.

  24. toppi says:

    don’t remember this guy crying about propriety when bill was screwing the interns and raping everyone and dragging down the office in the 90s. weird huh

    1. John Stuart says:

      Not only that, no one mentions that Clinton was caught by a Secret Service agent on top of Vice President Walter Mondale’s daughter, Eleanor, on a White House table. The White House was turned into a brothel by Clinton, and Hillary knew this all along.

  25. Jim Prince says:

    That old goat’s still alive?

  26. Bob Shyster translated=Killary lost. LOL, own the fail you old tool.

  27. kevin trevian says:

    Oh no…Mr. Scheiffer’s delicate sensibilities have been offended. What incredible hypocrisy You guys have been throwing dirt at conservatives for nearly a generation while wearing the phoney mask of ‘objective journalists’. Now when somebody finally fights back you’re appalled. Get used to it…people aren’t buying your product anymore.

  28. JackBootedThug says:

    I agree. It was very distasteful seeing Trump call out Clinton on her lack of accomplishments. I just wish he’d extol on her uncanny ability to ride her husband’s coattails into positions of political power. Without a President Bill, no one would have ever heard of Hillary Clinton, outside of a handful of fellow crooks in Arkansas.

  29. DanLef says:

    Amazing, you have Hillary who says Donald Trump is unfit to be president for what he said and she stands there extolling the virtues of her husband’s presidency after he had at LEAST ONE affair in the Oval Office with an intern and groped Kathleen Wiley in the White House. Now that take Chuzpah.

  30. Dennis Smith says:

    Bob Schieffer is an old dried-up piece of liberal manure who’s upset because Trump slaughtered Hillary in the debate,

  31. Charles Maretl says:


    1. Charles Maretl says:

      choice sorry typo

  32. Can O'Korn says:

    Bob should read the latest DCLeaks release. He might find that the very thing he is criticizing Trump for is right there in writing in the HRC playbook… along with all the names of the reporters who played along..

    EXCLUSIVE: New Email Leak Reveals Clinton Campaign’s Cozy Press Relationship

    “a key strategy was to “give reporters who must cover daily HRC news something to cover other than the unhelpful stories about the foundation, emails, etc.””

    1. ADStryker says:

      That’s been going on a LONG time. Remember the “gravitas” thing when GW chose Cheney to run as his VP? All the Leftist shills in the so-called “news” media were parroting the exact same line, as if Algore had faxed all of them the words he wanted them to use in order to spin a strong VP choice as a negative for GW.

  33. startupuxd says:

    To the extent to which Trump is crass, loud & bombastic – the media and Republican leadership have no one but themselves to blame. The Media, Obama administration & the R leadership conspired to de-legitimize legitimate concerns raised by the Tea Party by painting them as racists, ill-informed, and extremists.

    People are tired of not being heard and institutions conspiring with the left to “fundamentally transform” the nation into something no one recognizes.

  34. Hobart Flect says:

    bob schieffer is without a doubt one of the most partisan of all the left-wing hacks in the main stream media machine and should LONG ago have been sent to a retirement village for washed up “journalists”; if he didn’t like the debate that certainly seems to bode well for “we the people…”

  35. MCLMRTN says:

    Helped make us into a Banana Republic. Laments that we’re now a Banana Republic. You drove the car over the cliff Bob, we were just along for the ride.

    1. ADStryker says:

      True, but it’s worse than “we were just along for the ride” — some of us actually trusted Bob and his ilk when they claimed to be neutral observers, speaking “truth to power,” the all-important fourth estate. Except they weren’t the “fourth estate” — they were the “twelfth man,” cheerleaders and propagandists for the DNC.

  36. Charlotte W says:

    How many copies of 50 Shades of Gray did… oh so horrified women purchase?…. and the movie? S&M .. Si, …. Senor Trump …. NO!

    Bull crap

  37. Tom says:

    Bob Shieffer thinks it’s a terrible debate because Trump won.

  38. Jack Coyote says:

    Schieffer if you and your cabal of communists propagandists had been doing your jobs as reports all these years rather than supporters of Billy and Hilly and Hussein maybe we wouldn’t be here.

  39. Max says:

    Schieffer is disgraceful. I’ll never forgot his various biased interviews with Ron Paul.

  40. Jack Coyote says:

    As disgraceful, say, as violating an intern with a cigar while in the oval office? What say you Bobby?

    1. ADStryker says:

      Ahhh, yes. The infamous Monica humidor. But the things that Democrats actually DO are never as shocking to the lame-stream-media as the things that Republicans are accused of SAYING.

  41. Ned Cosby says:

    Hey Bob,

    You and your elite buddies gave Bubba all kinds of passes back in the 90s. Now Trump is exposing the Clintons. I agree with you that things have gotten to a disgraceful level, but that is because you and the other Clinton enablers did nothing back then and let Bonnie and Clyde in the White House. Are you really upset or embarrassed that Trump is doing what you showld have done a long time ago?

  42. David says:

    It has sank this low because progressives like Schieffer did all they could to praise Democrats and demean Republicans. If the media was neutral like it should be, this would never have happened.

  43. Mike Moba says:

    Americans are sick of plastic politicians who, as Hillary said, have their public positions, and their private ones. Trump has ONE position, and that annoys the delicate sensibilities of delicate psyche like the one in Mr. Schieffer. People like him prefer a formal civil discourse of what he would like to hear … what is said or done behind closed doors is of no concern. Too bad.

  44. mstarvin says:

    Funny he mentions how disgusted he is that Trump brought in Bill’s victims but never mentioned the same when Hillary brought in the former Miss Universe?? I guess hypocrisy is alive and well..

  45. desertradio says:

    Bob Scheiffer is one of the most liberal commentators in media today. So, if he is saying that he hated the debate, what he’s really saying is Hillary got shellacked. I think most would agree Bob!

  46. Burke says:

    Mr Scheiffer brings taste, knowledge, experience and wisdom to the table.
    Small wonder, then, that he was appalled by the proceedings.
    It was like choosing the captain of a bowling team — but without any grace, civility,
    goodwill or sense of urgency.

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
    –HL Mencken

    1. Bob Litfin says:

      CBS is still tainted with the stench of Dan Rather

    2. dencal26 says:

      Trump vs 3 and he won

  47. Tom says:

    Well said, totally Correct.

  48. Guy says:

    Bob, you’re right. But this new “low” has been brought to you by the Democratic Party.,..thank you very much. Don’t blame GOP candidates on this one. This goes back to James “Mr. Peanut” Carville and his “say anything needed to get elected” campaign mentality. The Dems have turned debating into the headlines of tabloid publications like the National Inquirer. It is “they” who bring up ALL the gutter issues going back decades. Any honest Democrat would agree with me considering it was they who coined the phrase “low information voter.” And that’s precisely who their campaign tactics appeal to. No surprise here.

    1. Tom says:

      Well said, 100% correct

    2. Michael Kearns says:

      The Democrats chickens have come home to roost.

  49. hocuspocus13 says:

    Trump could have done things against Hillary along time ago but didn’t

    Trump could have said things about Hillary in the first debate but kept quiet

    Hillary got as low and as desperate as anyone can go

    And now she’s getting pay back

    Hillary Clinton and her campaign made a very bad decision about that 11 year old video that no one who matters cares about

    Hillary should have been smart enough to ask herself a question…

    What will the reaction be against me

    With Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions and Hillary’s threatening of Bill’s victims I do not believe this was a good decision for Hillary

    Her campaign is spiraling out of control for now everyone knows about it

    1. Tom says:

      You are 100% correct

    2. ADStryker says:

      It appears that Hillary may have incorrectly assumed that The Donald would bend over and grab his ankles like so many establishment Republican candidates have done, including Mitt Romney (who seems to be a genuinely good man) and John McCain (who seems to be a bipolar nut-case).

  50. Andrew Raffman says:

    P.T. Barnum is alive and well. Geez, how do people fall for Trump’s schtick?

    1. ron Milam says:

      How do you vote for commie pinkos

    2. Mike Moba says:

      yeah .. way better to have a professional liar tell you what you want to hear while winking and nodding at her Wall Street buddies …

      1. Mikys says:

        “Disgraceful” exactly describes Hillary in a word. Who lied to families of Benghazi victims. Journalistic hypocrisy at its finest!

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