NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Sunday night’s presidential debate had many memorable moments, but one debate tweet by a Brooklyn College professor has topped all others.


Watching the debate in his living room, Brooklyn College English professor Moustafa Bayoumi noticed Republican candidate Donald Trump seemingly stalking Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton

“He looked like he was kind of threatening Hillary, even his body posture,” Bayoumi told WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell.

Then came a question about Muslims and Bayoumi fired off a tweet.

“I’m a Muslim and I would like to report a crazy man threatening a woman on a stage in Missouri,” Bayoumi tweeted.

The tweet quickly went viral, garnering more than 81,000 likes and 149,000 re-tweets as of Monday afternoon.

Bayoumi said he was stunned by the response.

“I think somehow the tweet was, I suppose, to unite both the humor and sort of the negative side to Trump’s campaign in one,” Bayoumi said.

The English professor has written extensively about being Muslim in America and is the author of the book “This Muslim American Life & How Does It Feel To Be a Problem.”

The third and final presidential debate will be held Oct. 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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  1. Texasranger says:

    So this Muslim guy’s criticizing Trump for his comments about women. Donald Trump has said he was a Democrat back 10 years ago when he made those lewd comments.

    He now sincerely regrets both of those mistakes.

    However, Hillary Clinton on the other hand is the most corrupt democrat candidate ever and will do anything to rig the election and smear Donald Trump.!

    Here’s Proof of Clinton’s Campaign Corruption and Tactics – see the video linked below.!

  2. yea, so he is a muslim. Naturally he would be in hillarys’ favor. Not all muslims are part of isis, but all isis are muslim!!!

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