Sav-A-Bull Looks To Raise Funds For Leg Surgery For Abandoned Dog

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) A challenge for dog lovers to have a chili and change the life… of Chili the dog.

The New York City based animal rescue group Sav-A-Bull has started a YouCaring fundraising campaign… to help a dog named Chili.

Group founder Colby Webb tells 1010 WINS Chili, who has two broken legs, was brought to an emergency animal hospital in the city by someone who said they found her.  That person then left while the two year old dog was being examined.

X-rays revealed that both her hind legs were badly broken – and had been for so long they healed incorrectly – with misplaced scar tissue the only thing holding them together.

The Veterinarian said Chilli had not been hit by a car.   While it’s not clear if the broken legs are the result of abuse of neglect, it is clear that Chili had been bred for puppies.  There were no other signs of abuse, and no police report has been filed.

“Chili is one of the sweetest, nicest, cuddliest dogs we’ve ever had the pleasure of helping”, Webb told 1010 WINS.  She says, “Around the house, she finds it easiest to to scootch around by dragging her back legs along the wooden floorboards, which doesn’t look too terribly comfortable for her, but she always has a smile on her face and is willing to give you a kiss regardless.”  Webb notes that even with restricted walks and often being carried, Chili’s limping is getting worse.

Sav-A-Bull is looking to raise $8,000 for the surgeries needed to fix Chilli’s legs and they’ve launched an #ALSIceBucketChallenge style fundraiser to do it.

“We started #EatAChiliForChili”, says Webb, “where some generous (and daring) people film themselves eating the hottest chili pepper they can find and nominate friends to do the same, to help raise funds and awareness for Chili’s life-altering leg operations and rehabilitation.”

Link to the fundraising page HERE (

Check out video of Chili being too cute HERE.


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