STORRS, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — A Connecticut family is mourning the loss of their daughter as she was killed in a tragic accident at University of Connecticut’s Storrs campus.

State police said Jeffny Pally, 19, was sitting on the ground with her back against a bay door at the university’s fire station when the door opened.

A fire department SUV ran over Pally and kept moving.

Pally’s parents said she was a caring person who tried to help others.

“She always felt that she needs to do something to help people and actually, very recently, she was thinking of doing nursing,” her mother Shiny Pally said.

The driver of the SUV, 60-year-old Dana Barrow, has been placed on administrative detail while the investigation continues.

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  1. Krystal says:

    He did notice. This is the shortest article of them all, he never left the driveway. This was 1:15 AM. Sad that now when an EMT receives a call of a toddler choking, instead of rushing to the scene, they will have take a minute or two so they can physically walk around the vehicle to see on the ground in the dark, for the possibility that someone may be passed out on the ground before they back out of the bay. My heart goes out to her and the Pally family.

  2. sfidis2015 says:

    How do you not notice that you ran over someone? This is just terrible. Too young…

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