NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., is working to fast track a new plan to put the brakes on speeding big rig trucks nationwide.

Schumer announced legislation Sunday that would require electronic devices that would limit the speed on trucks and buses over 26,000 pounds.

CBS2’s Ali Bauman reports Schumer is calling on the Department of Transportation to quickly finalize the proposal.

“It’s dangerous. In 2014, the last year we had statistics there, 10,742 large truck crashes in New York state alone and 990 of them were unrelated to unknown speed, so that means three a day,” Schumer said.

He said speeding trucks put thousands of commuters in danger every day.

“For every New Yorker or commuter who’s been next to or in the crosshairs of a speeding big rig, this can’t be installed fast enough,” Schumer said.

Schumer’s proposal would put mandatory speed limiters in large trucks and buses that prevent drivers from exceeding around 65 mph.

“Requiring electronic speed limiters on trucks will save lives, prevent injuries, and make our roadways safer by preventing high-speed damage,” Schumer explained.

According to the American Trucking Association, speed is a factor in 29 percent of fatal accidents.

Schumer said 70 percent of trucking companies already use this technology. It’s in Shannel Rauen’s truck and she agrees it should be required in the rest.

“Some truck drivers fly past me like a car so they’re easily way over the speed limit,” Rauen said.

However, the American Trucking Company opposes the proposal, claiming the technology doesn’t take into account different speed limits in different states, which allows “passenger vehicles to travel at much higher speeds than commercial trucks. This lack of data and direction only elevates the safety risks to the motoring public.”

Tom Caggiano has been driving his truck for 40 years. He said for safer roads, lawmakers need to crack down on car drivers, whom he often has to swerve to avoid.

“They should get after people who text on the phone all the time,” Caggiano said. “I pass them all day long.”

Schumer estimated this technology could save 96 lives per year. He said he hoped this proposal can be in place by the end of the year.

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  1. gary says:

    If people would educate themselves they would find out that trucks has the ability to there speed limited for years. You do not have to install another device to do so. This is just another election year ploy to try to make politicians look good and a regulation to cost businesses money. which in the end will take money out the economy.

  2. Derin Coates says:

    How about an electronic device to limit Chuck Schumer? Like maybe a shock collar that goes off whenever he talks?

  3. Squafdonoboles says:

    Umm… anybody ever heard of a governor?

  4. Ron smith says:

    Can’t wait to blockade New York City and starve these liberal pukes until they drop this nonsense

  5. Gnostradamus says:

    Cars being able to go up to 150 miles or more are the reason for so many crashes. I’m a driver and I think most crashes can be eliminated if people don’t act like they’re in a race.

  6. Problem solved... says:

    The biggest danger on the road is distracted driving. Mandate cellphone blocking in ANY vehicle while in motion.

  7. John says:

    Schumer has a comment on most everything. Many many of NY citizens are sick and tired of him giving “lip service” and “mouth nonsense” like this issue. DO SOMETHING CHUCK. And BTW, put a sock in it; you talk to much.

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