NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police say an emotionally disturbed woman armed with scissors and a bat was shot and killed by an officer in the Bronx Tuesday evening.

Police said a 66-year-old woman was shot inside her apartment at Jaime Towers Housing at 630 Pugsley Ave. in the Castle Hills section of the Bronx shortly after 6 p.m.

NYPD Assistant Chief Larry Nikunen said a sergeant was responding to the scene after a neighbor called 911 to report the woman was emotionally disturbed. When the sergeant arrived at apartment 7E, he found the woman in the bedroom with scissors in her hands.

Nikunen said the sergeant was able to persuade the woman to put down the scissors, but when she was approaching the officer, she grabbed a baseball bat.

“As she attempted to strike the sergeant, he fired two shots from his service revolver, striking her in the torso,” Nikunen said.

The woman was then transported to Jacobi Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

“They brought the ambulance, trying to resuscitate, but she wasn’t moving,” neighbor Maria Nieves said.

Nikunen said the sergeant was armed with a Taser, but it was not deployed during the incident.

Nikunen added there have been several incidents with the woman with similar types of calls.

Neighbors said the victim had a history of erratic behavior.

“The lady be hollering, screaming,” Raphelle Gundy said. “You think she’d be in there wrestling with somebody, talking very violently.”

CBS2’s Tony Aiello reports the officer involved in the shooting is a white man and the victim is an African-American woman.

The community wants a full accounting of what happened and why.

“I don’t want no officer hurt, but at the same time lives gotta matter, because everybody wants to live as long as they can,” Carl Nickerson said.

“She had a bat, had a knife, doesn’t matter,” Paul Nickerson said. “Police officer should be trained to handle the situation accordingly.”

New York City’s Public Advocate Letitia James said in a statement she is “deeply concerned” about the shooting.”

“I am calling for a swift and thorough investigation into this tragic incident and for the findings to be released publicly,” James said.

The statement continued, “While we are still learning details about this evening’s incident, I am renewing my call to expand the use of non-lethal use of force by the NYPD. I look forward to working with the NYPD toward common sense criminal justice measures that protect our police officers and the communities they serve.”

Two Black Lives Matter activists are also at the scene.

The officer was not injured in the shooting.

The shooting is being investigated by the department’s Force Investigation Division.

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  1. walter c nash says:

    Working in the Mental Health field for 40 years, police are not equipped to handle those type of situations. Medical/Mental Health personnel should have been the FIRST respondents !!! The narrative states the person was in a bathroom,,,, MOST bathroom doors are push open pull closed,,,, taser out first, hold in hand, grab and close bathroom door, await backup mental health/EMT staff to arrive,,,,, cause bathroom door is shut, and officer with any brain knows that the door has to be opened from the inside, thereby giving the officer the upper hand to fire the taser. I remember an incident that happened at Yankee Stadium bathroom. One of my patients was having a Toot. He was eating his self and anyone else that was trying to stop him. Staff was holding him in a safe position as I prepared an injection to calm the client down, “WHITE cops charge into the bathroom, guns drawn,,,,, staff people of color,,,,,client White,,,, I’m drawing medication out of a I.M bottle with drug name and dosage on it, along with the patients name,,,,We got I.D. where they can see,,,,,, BUT !!! Head COP yells,,,,, LET HIM GO,,,,!!! I’m trying to explain to the COP,,,,will not call him and Officer of the Law,,,, but a person that didn’t want to listen to what I was trying to explain. I told the staff to let the client go. That client commence to eat the officers face and neck and the others ran out the bathroom..Alarm was raised by the running officers,,who did NOT stay to help their fellow co-workers,,,,, 10 or more police responded to assist me and the staff to bring the client under control so that I could give the injection. ALL could have been avoided if only that WHITE cop would have taken the time to listen. That was the early 70’s,,,,, and it is still happening !,,,,,,why ? Because police are not equipped to handle situations of Mental Health. Governmental Mental Hygiene Facilities are being closed and the clients are discharged to the streets without the cities not having the money in their budgets to deal with the overflow. I have family members who are police officers, who wish they had a specific team of Mental Health trained staff to respond with them. Cops, those that are trigger happy,,,,, should never be sent out on those calls. What if the person they kill just happens to be your family member who just so happens to have a psychotic episode due to the pressures of life ? Would he have killed his Mom/Dad/Brother/Sister/etc of his family responding to that call ?? I REALLY doubt it !!!

    1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

      ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i just want my white entertainment tv channel

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