NEW YORK (WFAN)The Jets look like a team that needs to be “blown up,” WFAN’s Mike Francesa said Tuesday.

A day after the Cardinals embarrassed the Jets, 28-3, on “Monday Night Football,” Francesa said he knew the Jets would struggle through a tough six-game stretch to start the season but that he didn’t expect they’d be blown out so often.

“I expected this kind of start,” Francesa said on his show. “I thought they’d be 2-4. But I did not think they’d ever play this badly. I did not think they’d look like a total mess. I thought they’d lose some tough games. But they have been basically non-competitive, especially in the second half of games, and they have gone completely in the wrong direction until basically right now they look like a team that needs to be completely blown up.”

Francesa said he wouldn’t be surprised if owner Woody Johnson is already preparing to move on from second-year head coach Todd Bowles.

“The bottom line is everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong,” Francesa said. “And this thing has crashed and burned, and the Jets and Woody Johnson don’t have a lot of patience because they have no conviction ever. See, the Jets have no patience because they don’t have anybody in the organization who ever believes he knows what he’s thinking or what he’s doing, so they are always quick to turn because they never know or feel comfortable with what they’re doing. Never. And that’s what’s plagued that organization, except for the three years that Bill Parcells was there.

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“Listen, Woody will bail on this general manager and he will bail on this coach — he’s probably already bailed on this coach. Because that’s what Woody does. Because he doesn’t know how to make a football decision. He never does.”

Francesa also said replacing Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback is not the answer.

“Everybody wants them to change the quarterback. You think that’s going to make them better?” Francesa said.

“If they change quarterbacks at 1-5, then they showed they had no plan and no conviction this year. That’s what it shows me. Then they never should have brought him back.”

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  1. bobbloggerstein says:

    Mike forgets that in the 1980’s the Jets were too patient with their coaches when they kept Joe Walton for two years longer than they should have. Leon Hess was too patient during the time he owned the team. He also forgets that Rex Ryan led the team to two straight AFC Championship games.

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