ISLIP, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Residents of one Suffolk County town could face a nearly 10 percent town tax increase in the upcoming year.

The proposed 10 percent tax hike in the Town of Islip would cost the average homeowner an additional $48 a year, WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reported.

Bay Shore residents will be hit even harder, with another 40 percent increase to pay for fire department renovations and improvements to ambulatory services.

According to Islip Town Comptroller Joseph Ludwig, the money will be used for the cost of snow removal, road repairs and improvements to ambulance services. 

Andrea Vecchio, of the East Islip Tax Pac, said she believes the increase will also help pay for salary increases for some top employees.

“Parks Commissioner — $45,000 raise!” Vecchio said. “I mean, people in Islip make $45,000 in a year. This is obscene.”

If the proposed increase is passed, the Town of Islip will be breaking the tax cap — a move Vecchio says is “unacceptable.”

“We definitely are now trying to get to the point where we’re trying to convince people that taxes have got to be lowered,” Vecchio said. “It’s not good enough just to hold the line because people are still leaving in droves.”

The town board will vote on the proposal next month.


  1. 2015 2016 increase

    Abbate 90,000 120,000 30,000
    Labor relations

    Cinotti 60,810 73,222 12,412
    Fire safety officer

    Charchalis 78,800 85,000 6,200
    Depty parks

    Danzinger 101,000 120,000 19,000

    D’amico 75,000 90,000 15,000
    Depty public saf

    VD DiCioccio 70,000 90,000 20,000
    Depty comptr brother in-law of campg contri Paul Aniboli

    J R Dicioccio 72,000 120,000 48,000
    Depty twn attry made twn attorney (nephew of campg contr Paul Aniboli)

    Mea Knapp 87,500 135,000 47,500
    Twn attrny

    Tracey Krut 83,000 105,000 22,000
    Chief staff
    Posted pictures of a roof top party given by campaign contrib Paul Aniboli
    After Supervisor Angie Carpenter gave him building permits for Macy Estates
    In Islip on Route 111.

    Tom Owens 2014 2015 2016
    DPW Commissioner 121.000 136,000 146,000 25,000 in 3 yrs
    Ludwig 101,000 120,000 19,000
    Mannix 101,000 115,000 14,000
    Econ director
    Meyer 101,000 fomr 120,000 (was 85,000) 35,000
    Comm plan devel
    Poelker twn eng 80,000 (former) 105,000 25,000

    Schnieder airport 84,000 110,000 26,000
    (dad is civil service director)
    LaRose (airport) 101,000 (former) 130,000 29,000

    VM Sepe 78,000 95,000 17,000
    Depty comm DPW + pension

    CB Smith ? 72,000 80,000 8,000
    Pub Info officer

    answers publ info forms

    M Walsh 99,700 105,000 5,300
    Dept twn attrny

    New comm
    Meyer (planning) 101,000 120,000 (was at 85,000
    Former planning formally) 35,000 more than previous position made

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