NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Temperatures might say summer, but fall and falling temperatures will inevitably arrive — and so will tight, dry skin, and chapped hands.

If that sounds like your skin, then credit lack of moisture in the air as seasons change.

As CBS2’s Kristine Johnson explained, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel said patients tend to pile on too many products to compensate for seasonal skin changes.

“They have these red irritated faces and they’re doing it to themselves,” he said.

He said to do the opposite of what you might normally do. Use a heavier cream for oily skin, and a lighter base for dry skin. As temperatures cool, showers should be shorter and less steamy to avoid drying out your skin.

“You want to put that moisturizer on immediately after, because you want to keep that water in,” Dr. Sobel explained.

There are several low-cost options to keep shower-fresh skin feeling soft.

“I really love this curel which you use in the shower on wet skin. It actually helps the water from the shower soak into your skin rather than evaporating and drying it out,” Dawn Davis, Beauty Director of, explained.

Davis suggested an oil to keep cuticles soft, and said it’s also a good time to pamper your feet.

“I think everyone’s feet are a little gross after sandal season,” she said.

Booties with an acid solution offer the ultimate in skin exfoliation.

For the face Melisse Gelula of Well And Good suggests switching to cleansing oil.

“It leaves your skin feeling like you just moisturized, but your makeup is gone and your skin is clear,” she said.

She said toners can be a great fall face re-balancer.

“These are not your teenager’s toners. These are toners, mists, hydrosols. They have fancier names, but they should. They do a lot more for your skin,” she said.

“Powders can be drying for fall. I really like switching to a cream blush, and cream product,” Gelula said.

Overall, experts agree it’s important to make that seasonal switch.

“You change your clothes, you change your products,” Dr. Sobel said.

Experts said it’s all about keeping your skin moist as the air dries out. You’ll feel better, and look better just by making these small seasonal changes.


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