NEW YORK (WFAN)The Yankees on Monday announced new enhancements to Yankee Stadium — and Mike Francesa had some fun reading about them.

The team announced the stadium will open a kids play area and social gathering areas. The new features are scheduled to be ready for the 2017 season.

Francesa, reading the press release on his WFAN show, described most of the enhancements as simply new restaurants aimed at securing new sponsorships and getting fans to spend more money.

“See, they don’t think going to the game is good enough anymore, folks,” Francesa said. “They think that the fan needs other things to keep them busy at the game instead of a good, exciting team.”

Of the seven new social gathering spaces, Francesa said: “Isn’t there a game going on during this? … Is this, or is this the Yankees?”

Of the kids area, he said: “What are we running now, a day camp? This is a baseball stadium. There’s a baseball game going on. What are we running here?”

In response to a press release quote by Yankees Managing General Partner Hal Steinbrenner that “We want our youngest fans to feel as if Yankee Stadium is an extension of their local park or backyard,” Francesa said: “Absolutely. Since the days of the Bambino, everybody has always thought that Yankee Stadium was an extension of their backyard.

“Maybe they can open a Montessori school out there while they’re at it.”

To listen to the full segment, click on the audio player above.

Here are the full descriptions from the Yankees’ press release on the enhancements.

SUNRUN KIDS CLUBHOUSE: The Sunrun Kids Clubhouse will be Yankee Stadium’s first-ever children’s zone. Shaped like a mini-baseball field with a soft artificial surface, the 2,850-square-foot area will be located on the 300 Level in right field and will be outfitted with Yankees-themed playground equipment, including oversized baseballs, bases and baseball cards. The Sunrun Kids Clubhouse will be accessible to all Yankee Stadium Guests.

Children will be able to play among the colorful fixtures, including a 6-foot-high replica World Series trophy. Parents can join their children on the play area or choose to oversee them from a nearby dugout. Television monitors will ensure that no one misses any game action. There will also be a shaded section of the play area with interactive exhibits. The Clubhouse will also include two family restrooms equipped with changing tables. Nursing mothers will have an additional private space, which will include lounge chairs, a television and power outlets for those using electric breast pumps.

“We want our youngest fans to feel as if Yankee Stadium is an extension of their local park or backyard,” Steinbrenner said. “The Sunrun Kids Clubhouse is designed to nurture their love for experiencing games in person, while providing parents the resources they need to keep their children entertained prior to and during the game.”

The following new Yankee Stadium food and drink locations will be accessible to all Yankee Stadium Guests, regardless of their ticketed seat:

MASTERCARD BATTER’S EYE DECK: Located on the 200 level in center field with a clear, sweeping view of the entire Stadium, the MasterCard Batter’s Eye Deck will be expanded to 3,500 square feet and will include drink-rails overlooking the field. This outdoor gathering space will feature craft beers, cocktails and a large selection of food options.

BULLPEN LANDINGS: The new left- and right-field Bullpen Landings (on the 100 Level in the former Sections 239 and 201, respectively) will be open-air social gathering areas which will overlook the visitors and Yankees bullpens. Both landings will feature their own specialty food and drink options. Drink-rail locations at the landings will have power/USB outlets. As a result of this reconfiguration, all obstructed-view seats in the Bleachers will be removed.

AT&T SPORTS LOUNGE featuring DirecTV service: The new AT&T Sports Lounge featuring DirecTV service at Section 134 on the Field Level will include a full bar with craft beers and cocktails. Tables, stools and large-screen televisions tuned to the Yankees broadcast and other live sporting events will provide a sports-bar atmosphere on the Stadium’s main outdoor concourse in left field. Additionally, power/USB outlets will be available for charging phones or tablets.

BUDWEISER PARTY DECKS: The 300 Level of the Stadium will include Budweiser Party Decks at Sections 311 and 328, featuring shaded stand-alone bar areas serving beer, cocktails and food. Drink-rail and barstool seating will provide fans a relaxed and casual setting from which to enjoy sweeping views of the field and game action.

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  1. Jaimee says:

    Obviously said by someone who didn’t play an active role in supporting the mother of their children in nursing. As a season ticket holder for over 9 years and now a mother (who’s child needs to be bottle fed with pumped milk) who was told by the stadium staff to sit on the floor and face the wall to pump while fans came in and out of section 128 guest services looking for their lost item or requesting a first game certificate it’s finally time to have an accommodation for the other gender that attends games. My 6 week old needed to eat during the game. No one complains when grown men need beer during the game. I know Francesa is a respected sports broadcaster but going after women who nurse and pump in this day in age is a shame. What a classless move especially as a father of 3.

  2. Maureen Hodson says:

    Good for the Yankees!! They needed to into the 21st century and not to be left in the Golden Years!!! Mike, what do you care of the prices? I am sure you always given FREE tickets with the way you speak about them!!!! How about you give up your FREE seats to people that want them and can pay for them????? Great additions to the stadium if they finish them!!!! Maybe you will able to FILL the stadium!!!!!!!!

  3. YesIAmTheGrammarPolice-SoWhat says:

    Right on, Mike. Why are people bringing infants to sporting event for anyhow? Get a babysitter.

  4. ronald frushon says:


  5. Lou says:

    I agree with most of what he said, except for the comments about them putting in a private nursing station. As a dad who saw what my wife would go through when we were in public and she had to nurse our son back when he was that little, I don’t see how anyone can criticize that. What is so terrible about making a segment of your fan base feel comfortable? Does Mike also think the Yankees should remove all their handicap accessible seats? Because, seriously, why should people in wheel chairs get to watch a game live? Isn’t this about baseball?

  6. Pedro Pucker says:

    Wow, what Bull sh1t – reminds of what the Devils are trying to do in Newark – LIPSTICK on a pig – just win, that’s what a NY fan wants, just win

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