NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The number of homeless people living in New York City has reached a record-high.

The Department of Homeless Services reported there were 60,252, up 200 in two weeks.

Now, some are saying the city’s current plan to combat homelessness isn’t working.

“It’s definitely something that we cannot stand for as a city,” NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito said.

In an interview with CBS2, Viverito offered a number of suggestions, including the expansion of the “Living In Communities” (LINC) voucher program that provides money to move families out of a shelter and into permanent housing. But, she said there’s a hitch.

“I think the challenge that we’ve seen with the current voucher program, subsidy program, the LINC program, is for a very short period of time, there may be some hesitancy by landlords to engage with the city on it,” she said.


Viverito became the third city official to call for changes.

Last week, Comptroller Scott Stringer bemoaned the lack of childcare at city shelters.

“This is a tragedy in our city,” he declared.

The week before, former NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who now runs a well-respected homeless program called “WIN,” called for appointing a czar to oversee the creation of permanent housing options.

Viverito said there is no need to create a new position.

“I think we have to not keep adding layers of bureaucracy here,” she said. “I think we have to look at what we have in place.”

When asked about this issue last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio said help is on the way.

“Some of the biggest tools, weapons, we have to address homelessness are on the way,” he told Kramer. “There’s a lot more coming, and we intend to turn the tide, but it’s going to be a long battle.”

On Wednesday, the mayor’s office said it is working on a new initiative to require 25 percent of the apartments built under a tax exemption plan known as 421-A to be earmarked for the homeless.

Press Secretary Eric Phillips said “there’s more coming, but nothing that can be shared yet.”

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  1. blenderrecipes says:

    Never in my life have I seen so many homeless here in SoCal.

    But the economy is great, right?

  2. zephyrbreeze says:

    The progressive Democrat solution is to bring in millions of refugees who also need housing, and food, and medical care. (Why not a billion more?) That will help the homeless, say progressives.

  3. Excuse me, but instead of trying to make it easier on the homeless, someone should be asking why are they becoming homeless. Very few choose to be homeless, there are some, but families with children, hmmm…not so much. Could it be crappy government regulations or corrupt government practices and outrageous taxes, how about taking government burden off our backs. See, government is supposed to be of, for, and by the people.

  4. Memri Dotorg says:

    something that career politicians who never earned an honest dollar in their lives and and elitists who long ago forgot what it was like, but the rest of us do – don’t make it a “choice” to be homeless – if it is truly a message to people that it is negative, it is adverse, and that you need to pull your self up, then you would have less of it. Put people who can’t get with the program in jail and mental institutions where they belong not on the street to serve as your campaign platform while you cralp all over your constituents by being a complete phony

  5. This is HATE SPEECH. Exactly what is hate speech? Anybody smart enough to be a liberal understands that hate speech is any speech hated by a liberal.

  6. Steve Grant says:

    The economy’s stunk for EIGHT years……of course there are record numbers of “homeless” people.
    Thank cbs and the other leftist media, for doing their best to put O’Bama in the Oval Office for two terms………and want the profoundly dishonest old bag in next.
    Wake up ‘n smell what they’ve been shoveling.

  7. Zane Ketchum says:

    The homeless need to say they’re refugees so they can be taken care of. The globalist are all about using immigration to destroy countries I say the homeless use as a step up that their government would NEVER give them…but they give it illegal immigrants.

  8. Byte Meh says:

    So sad that people with mental illness or serious drug addiction have no place to go. Instead they get a few pills and are sent back on their way. Since the 70s, there has been a dramatic decline in the number of mental health institutions and mental health hospitals. Now those in need are either in jail or on the streets as there are no more places for them to go. All the while as some others have mentioned the Liberals keep stuffing the country with illegals who require financial assistance to those AMERICANS truly in need. All in the name of votes not humanity. Please wake up America to the true motivations of the “progressives.” We are very close to driving this nation into 3rd world status fully reliant on the gov if we continue the madness.

  9. Jason Stone says:

    This is not a housing issue. It’s a mental health, drug and alcohol addiction problem. It’s a liberal entitlement problem that rewards sloth. Thanks mayor big bird and Che viverito.

  10. When asked about this issue last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio said help is on the way.

    “Some of the biggest tools, weapons, we have to address homelessness are on the way..”

    Tools which includes a tax increase on the evil rich people so that we can throw more money at the problem.

  11. Universal truth, democrat run cities become more like Detroit every day.

  12. Todd Austin says:

    Colorado is using weed to fund the homeless. Bus the New York homeless to Colorado.

  13. Mike Kennedy says:

    What? With a progressive president and Mayor. How? Don’t they help the homeless and downtrodden? Aren’t they for the little guy (and gal)? Hasn’t “free” medical care helped? Well, that’s “hope and change” for you.

  14. There must be a way to blame the Bush tax cuts. It couldn’t be Obama’s fault. He’s too busy golfing and campaigning to do anything about the homeless situation.

  15. .
    No housing funds for native born Americans.
    Plenty of housing funds for immigrants though.


  16. …….
    Plenty of subsidized housing for Muslim Immigrants though.
    All paid for in the last Federal Budge “deal” signed off on by Paul Ryan and Obama.

  17. Welfare payments – of ALL kinds – are also at all time highs. Anyone see a parallel here ? The democrats don’t.

  18. so…new york can provide for illegals…but not their own citizens…

    isn’t it nice to know that you mean NOTHING to people who are more than happy to take your tax money?

  19. Obama’s legacy after 8 years?

  20. Willy Carter says:

    looks like they are coloreds..well they got what the deserve supporting democrats liberal buss let them deal with the results of keep democrats in office.. help them?? onlyh if they vote trump

  21. All this human suffering, even after New York had a year long program to fly anyone homeless to relatives in “”””””””ANOTHER STATE”””””””””””””””””!!!! Thousands of people left then.

    Liberalism breeds poverty, and for good reason too. To cripple people mentally and rededicate their lives to welfare and the Liberal vote.

  22. Meanwhile, one million illegal immigrants are being subsidized by NYC.
    Taxpayers, just keep paying, you chumps!

  23. Lynn Wood says:

    Oh surely this is propanenda, properagandad, properganda put out by the Trump camp. And probably on secret encoder orders from the Russians Too!

    Well, back to winching the car out of the smaller pothole in the Interstate.

  24. John Pepin says:

    How is this possible? With eight years of Obama’s policies helping the poor, and Deblasio the Marxist running NYC, there should be no homeless at all.

    Unless their policies don’t really help the poor at all…

  25. So no money for American citizens that are homeless, no empathy, no compassion, no bleeding heart lefties screaming the headlines over and over, but the same lefties give money, shelter, housing, medical to illegals, shame on you lefties for being traitors to your fellow citizens who should be coming first. Time to drain the swamps.

  26. Teddy Novak says:

    Dear New York:
    You voted for your leftist nirvana. Enjoy.

  27. Funny how Dim-O-Crats never think of jobs as a solution

  28. chuckyschmucky says:

    Just hang on for another couple of months, homeless folks — after Trump is elected, the corrupt leftwing media will start to notice you again.

    1. You sir, are spot on….We remember well how the left-wing presstitutes time and again ridiculed and blamed Bush for the homeless….but NYC Dims have no problem with giving 1 MILLION illegals benefits. Liberalism is truely a mental disease.

  29. Kerwin Hieb says:

    Maybe NYC can talk Obola into begging Iran for some of that pay-off money back so that the homeless can be taken care of… But don’t count on it.

  30. Bill Loyal says:

    Ahhh life in obama-land.

  31. Robert Mull says:

    How sweet NY is going back to the way it was in the 70’s This is the new liberal utopia NY’ers should enjoy it the left is making yet another Detroit….

  32. The number of homeless is highest in democrat controlled cities. Don’t take my word for it ,check the statistics yourself.

  33. Dan Young says:

    Soon there will be a Republican in the White House and the media will really be able to focus on the homeless problem again.

  34. That’s the answer Bill, I bet there are thousands of people clamoring to move into apartment buildings with a 25% homeless population. Inviting in more homeless immigrants from around the globe will solve your problems or so it would appear from your BFF Barry(and don’t forget HRC).

  35. Kenny Redman says:

    The Homeless have exploded everywhere.

    1. Well forks here is you ‘Hope and Change’. Progs ‘Hope’ the BHO Regime will ‘Change’ into the HRC Mafia/Cabal. Save America vote TRUMP 2016.

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