NEW YORK (1010 WINS)  — A fantastic new art exhibition opened at the Richard Beavers Gallery in Brooklyn over the weekend which celebrates the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali.

The exhibition is called “The Fight Continues” by renowned artist Leroy Campbell. Campbell and gallery owner Richard Beavers stopped by CityViews and chatted with Sharon Barnes-Waters about the interactive exhibition.

Beavers told Barnes-Waters that the exhibition was birthed out of discussions he and Campbell had about how they wanted to honor the fighting spirit of Ali and what he represented.

Campbell said there were many layers to the champ and when you look at the over 17 pieces on display.

“You’ll see nostalgic scenes of people in everyday life but in the backdrop you’ll see some of his quotes that inspires individuals,” Campbell said. “You’ll see some of the iconic fight posters — the turning point. But you’ll also see activist messages from so many people from the global community and all of that serves as a catalyst to help put people in contact with their center of power. So when you come to the show, be prepared to spend some time.”

This body of work is something they feel will educate, spark discussion and bring people together.

The exhibition runs through Dec. 10 at the Richard Beavers Gallery, located at 408 Marcus Garvey Blvd in Brooklyn.

For more information click here , email or call 347-663-8195.